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How to Make a Custom Metal Sign to Show Your American Pride


If your pride for your country bleeds through in everything you do, it’s important to showcase that pride in any way you can. One great way to do this is through the creation of a custom metal sign. Though this sign can take on many forms, the intent remains the same: to provide an aesthetically pleasing and unique way for you to put your American pride on full display. To help you craft a great sign, here are the basic steps you’ll need to follow.

Design It

There are many all-American symbols you can choose from to incorporate into your sign. Whether you choose an eagle, an American flag, or some other type of uniquely American symbol, your sign will be unmistakably prideful. In addition to shapes and symbols, you can choose to incorporate two- or three-dimensional letters into your sign, as well as various colors to add to the realism of your finished product. In most cases, a design for a metal sign can be done by hand, although more advanced designs should typically be done digitally to ensure accuracy throughout the process.

Cut It

For any design, you’ll first need to cut out the basic shape of the exterior of your sign before you can move on to the minute details. This step can be completed using anything from basic nippers for simple designs all the way up to a CNC machine for custom sheet metal fabrication for truly complex designs. The key here is to start with a piece of metal that’s as close to the size of your final product as possible. This will prevent unnecessary waste and ensure that you have less work to do during this step.

Detail It

Once the basic outline of your sign is complete, it’s time to move on to the details that will help it truly stand out. For letters, you may need the assistance of a CNC machine to ensure the unique shapes of each letter are completed accurately. For other parts of the design, you can use tools such as drills, punches, and torches to help bend, mold, and color the metal to your specifications.

Paint It

If you want your sign to truly stand out, you’ve got to add some color. Whether it’s the red, white, and blue of the flag or the green and purple of a majestic mountain, paint will help your sign come alive. As long as you use paint that’s created specifically for metal, you can either spray or brush the paint on, depending on the level of accuracy you need. When you’re done, allow the sign to dry completely before handling it in order to display it.

Display It

A striking patriotic sign does no good if it’s not on display for all to see. If you want to hang your sign on a wall, you can use a sheet metal screw in each corner for proper support and in order to prevent any bending due to changing temperatures. You can also drill holes through your finished sign and use chains or rope to suspend it from a ceiling. Of course, if your sign is large enough, you can simply lean it up against a wall, ensuring that, if the sign is outside, it isn’t directly on the ground so as to prevent rust.