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5 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Busy While Working From Home

5 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Busy While Working From Home

Working from home has been a God sent blessing for many of us. Having more time for us, and our families since we don’t have to commute anymore is the quality-of-life improvement that many have been craving for a long time. As the situation changed for the better, new circumstances have also come with it.

Our kids, especially if they are still too young to understand, now see us much more during the day but, they can’t always understand the importance of work and that we still need to concentrate. Having to juggle working and being a parent, at the same time, and now the place can be interesting, to say the least. With just a few tips and tricks, it can become a breeze and fun for all the people involved.

1. Inside Camping and fort Building

If you have a tent that’s just sitting somewhere and collecting dirt, now is the perfect time to take it out. Fill it with blankets, pillows, toys and colouring books and watch your children enjoy themselves. As the concept of indoor camping is wacky enough for them, they will also be amazed to see a tent inside. If you don’t have one, then you can use various cardboard boxes and build a fort. Or a mini house. Your kids can paint and colour each box so that they can put their unique touch on whatever it is they will build.

2. Helping with House Chores

Since working from home has brought us unprecedented flexibility when working, doing house chores as dusting and cleaning has never been easier. Some of the simpler tasks from them can be delegated to your kids. It teaches them responsibility and instils healthy habits. Things like cleaning their room, organizing toys, putting away all the dirty dishes. You can even hide a few to make it more interesting.

3. Backyard Bonanza

Being outside and physical activities are crucial for the development of children into healthy adults. Being cooped up inside all day is not the healthiest thing in the world, so using any opportunity you have to send the kids for a few backyard shenanigans. Having reliable and durable playground equipment can keep them occupied for hours and buy you the time you need to focus and get some work done. As they are getting a few exercises and movements, they will channel all that excess energy and when they get back in, it will be much easier to manage with them.

4. Arts, Crafts and Books

Imagine the joy on their faces when you pull out a big sheet of paper and let them paint with their fingers. Or just dump a bunch of playdough on the table and tell them to build a city. They can make a parade with all their toys and make the decor and accessories by cutting paper that they previously panted. Creating dresses for their dolls by colouring any ideas they may have. This is the area where you can let your imagination run wild and silly. If your kids are a bit older and know how to read, there are endless possibilities to entertain them with books. Or you can use them to improve their reading by asking them to read out loud.

5. Scavenger Hunt

Hiding some treats or toys around the house and not telling your kids how many you hid is going to get them running and entertained for a nice period. You can make it more interesting by making it a competition if you have more kids or an event where they must follow a map or clues that you left lying around. While this may take a bit more time to set up, the payoff is much greater.

Being a great parent and an employee takes a bit of practice and a new skill set. As the world changed, so must we adapt as well. Making the best out of this situation will come much easier than you think. All it takes is a positive outlook and a bit of creative energy to make it happen. The result will surely be happy with many fun memories for you and your kids. Which is all that matters in the end.


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