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How To Choose The Best Van For A Group Trip

How To Choose The Best Van For A Group Trip

Planning a trip for a group is a very complicated task. It’s more complicated and nervous than planning a trip for two people. You should think about your group meals, hotels, and hostels to stay, group attractions, transportation, and many more essentials. You have no choice! And the last thing you really want is some help.

Actually, planning a trip can be fast and simple. There are many useful apps that are able to solve your hotel, restaurant, even time managing problems. Rental24H.com car rental app will help you to find the best car variant and even get a good sale for it. Having any questions about transportation, car characteristics, possible fees, and additional services you can appeal to the car rental app. One way or another, it would be great to rent a large car for 12 and more passengers. You’ll have more benefits to renting a passenger van for a road trip. Continue reading.


Reasons to rent a passenger van for a group travel

12-seaters are popular for weekend breaks, parties, where you have to carry more than 10 passengers together to their destination. Do you still try to decide whether a passenger van is right for you? Well, here are the reasons WHY.

  • You can travel in a group of more than 10 people

Group trips are often full of stressful situations. It is impossible to avoid hassles but you can control your trip and passengers. How? You need to rent a car which is able to fit the whole group and travel together.

  • Your passengers can pack as much luggage as they need

Is one suitcase enough for you? Actually, no matter where you go. Renting a passenger van you will have enough space to take as much luggage as you need. There is plenty of room for all your passengers and their numerous luggage.

  • You don’t like caravanning

Of course, if you divide your group into two or three smaller parts, you can control them easily with the help of your smartphone. Nevertheless, if you don’t like caravanning and prefer traveling in one car to having a trip in many cars, you should rent a van and enjoy traveling together in one vehicle.

  • You want some privacy

Let’s think, you need a car to fit your passengers, their luggage. Still, even traveling in a big company, you may want some privacy to listen to music, watch the road, and don’t come into any contacts. A passenger van affords plenty of space so that you and your friends can travel in comfort.

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Rules for planning a group trip

Is that all I need to know to find 12 passenger van rental near me? The information above shows you all the benefits of van rental. Car rental apps will help you to do the rest. Now, it’s time for planning a group trip. Where to start?

  1. Start planning early

It is important to start planning early. As soon as you together with your friends decide to take a trip to somewhere, start planning. Don’t trust last-minute deals and try to be confident and responsible. Planning a trip means you have to talk to your friends and make a route. Then, you should rent a car, set a budget, map all the road restaurants and attractions you want to visit. How about a nice place for a friendly picnic? Do you know any?

  1. Draw up a trip budget

Setting a trip budget is a very important part of your trip planning. Who is going to rent a car? And who’s going to pay for it? It would be rather silly to pay for everything without sharing the budget. Just count how much money you need for transportation, accommodation, food, attractions. Collect money from everyone beforehand and sleep well. Don’t forget about some extra money for emergencies. Your car brand, hotel classification, restaurant level will much depend on how big your trip budget is.

  1. Make restaurant reservations

As you already know from the car rental, it would be cheaper to pay online and book everything beforehand. The same comes to booking restaurants. If you have a well-planned route for your trip, you should mark the restaurants you will stop at for dinner. Make a call or just book a table online. You will save time and money.

  1. Try to be democratic

Planning a friendly getaway or a big birthday party, you should be democratic. Please, don’t forget to ask your friends and everyone in the group what they want and expect from a trip. Try to vote for a trip destination, one or another restaurant, hotel. It doesn’t usually take much time but does helps top you’re your trip better and fairer.

No doubt, 12 passenger van is a convenient car. As a driver, you should minimize the risks and try to be extremely careful. There are many rental agencies that don’t allow under 25 drivers to drive such a large car. Why? 12 passenger car should only be driven by experienced drivers, especially when it is fully loaded.