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How Technology Is Shaping and Revolutionising Dentistry

How Technology Is Shaping and Revolutionising Dentistry

Have you ever feared dentists? Most kids do, and they’re not alone in this – adults usually have the fear of visiting the dentist as well. Apart from being an unpleasant activity, these visits can often be painful as well. You have to sit still in the chair while someone is poking inside your mouth and all you can do is smell those sharp fragrances. However, as technology progresses, the things in a dentist’s office are changing and you can have a beautiful smile without the stress. Artificial intelligence is getting more and more advanced and it is on its way to revolutionizing everything – including dentistry!

Artificial intelligence 

The most significant thing which is making everything different in dentistry is artificial intelligence. Even today, A.I. is used in dentistry a lot, and that usage is only expected to be increased. For instance, dentists use A.I. to get insight into making clinical decisions. They use special software to make this happen. It is expected that these will develop even more in the near future and that they will allow clinicians to find the best modalities for their patients through A.I. algorithms. 

In recent years, it has been proved that these algorithms are only going to make the accumulation of health data much easier. They will facilitate the process of analyzing health data, research findings, or treatment techniques. Genomic data will especially be the one affected by this. That is the data that shows the individual system of a patient and his or her personalized care. All of this will make it much easier to tend to patients and offer better services. 

Smart toothbrush 

The next amazing part of the technology in dentistry doesn’t have to do with clinics, but with our own homes. That’s right, the progress is rapid and you can already enjoy the perks of technological advances in dentistry in your own bathroom. Namely, a smart electric toothbrush could be a part of your daily routine. There are plenty of different smart toothbrushes in the market and you could choose the one you like the most.

For instance, there is one with the app which is great for kids as it offers some interesting games to help them keep their teeth brushing practice as flawless as it can get. Another instance is a toothbrush which comes with sensors in the handle. The sensors are there to warn you when you’re applying too much pressure or coach you on how to properly brush your teeth. However, the most important thing to remember, when purchasing a smart toothbrush is that you should get one that you can trust not to share your data with third parties. 

Smart scheduling 

Another great benefit of technological advances is that they’re making things much more efficient. You can get everything done quickly and you can move to the next chore you have planned for the day. The same goes for dentistry and technology as well. Thanks to technological advances, the precious time no longer has to be wasted on scheduling, and, instead, it can be used for much more meaningful tasks. 

Administrative responsibilities take a lot of time and energy. All of this wasting of resources can be simply avoided with the help of technology. Today, you can go to a trustworthy dental lab and get to see your dentist right away. If a lab is up to date with the latest technological advances, the chances are that you’re going to be done there quickly and neither you nor the workers will have to go through the unpleasant administrative issues. 


One of the greatest technological advances when it comes to dentistry is virtual care delivery. This has made it possible to access dental care at any time which is especially important in a time when there is a pandemic. There are a lot of reasons why this is a useful practice. For instance, patients can acquire whatever they need through telemedicine platforms. 

Another great benefit is that the patient no-show rates can significantly drop with the help of teledentistry. The feelings of anxiety when people need to go to a dental clinic are also reduced thanks to virtual dental care. For some, the most important benefit of this practice is that you can cut some avoidable expenses such as travel or equipment.

Robotic dental implant surgery 

It’s not unusual that a patient has some teeth which are prone to decay. When the dentist sees this problem, he usually suggests dental implants. Dental implants are one of the most popular solutions to this common issue. They help the patient restore the teeth he or she would otherwise lose. Right now, this procedure is done with a plastic drill guide.

However, things are changing as technology is progressing. Even now, this can be done with a computerized navigational program that is there to provide sensory information. Not only that, but this program also holds the drill in position. Even though the dentist is still in control of the procedure, the robotic technology is there to assist whenever necessary. 

Intra-oral camera 

Another great tool your dentist might use is an intra-oral camera. Thanks to this device, the dentist can fully inspect the inside of your mouth and make sure that the situation with your teeth is satisfying. The greatest benefit of this is that you no longer have to feel uncomfortable when this happens.

You’ll no longer have to keep your jaw open for too long and suffer in that chair. Instead, thanks, to this tool, the annoyance will be reduced to the minimum and you’ll be able to relax. Another great thing is that this tool will help the dentist see the problem areas clearly. That means that the dentist will be able to access your teeth much more thoroughly. 


Technology is progressing rapidly. As soon as you close and open your eyes again, there have been made some serious advances. The ones in dentistry prove that technology can make our lives easier. They make the whole experience of visiting a dentist more comfortable, professional, and they ensure better results!