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5 Ways to Expand The Product Offerings For Your Marketing Company

5 Ways to Expand The Product Offerings For Your Marketing Company

For your digital marketing company to be successful, it’s important that you be able to offer a wide range of services. Businesses competing in the digital space need several different types of services, and most customers prefer to be able to get all of those services through a single marketing company. The greater range of products and services you can offer to your clients, the more interest you will be able to get about your business. To do so, here are five ways to expand the product offerings for your marketing company.

Find a Professional Videographer to Work With

These days, video content is king. YouTube and Tik Tok are two platforms that are solely focused on videos, while Instagram and Facebook both rely heavily on video consumption to keep users interested. Consumers are relying more heavily than ever before on video to get information and learn about new and interesting products. Because of this trend, it’s extremely important for your company to be able to offer creative video services. Adding a good videographer to your team will help you expand into one of the most lucrative and in-demand segments of marketing today.

Videographers are valuable because they take on such a huge bulk of video marketing production. While they will work with a client on the brainstorming phase, the videographer themself does the majority of the scriptwriting. After that they do the entirety of filming, including providing all the necessary equipment, then editing and adding any necessary graphics in post-production. Once the video is finished, it is up to other marketing teams to make sure the video is successfully posted where it can get a lot of eyes on it.

Build an SEO Service Package

Like video, SEO is an essential service that your customers certainly need. You can begin offering SEO services by hiring an SEO professional as a core member of your team. For a more scalable approach, you can also offer white label SEO services. White labeling involves rebranding another company’s services to sell as your own. This approach allows you to offer in-depth SEO services without needing to hire an entire in-house team of search engine experts, while still giving your clients a top-tier experience with seasoned professionals.

In addition to SEO services, you should also consider offering other digital marketing options as add-ons or even as stand alone products. For example, you may want to offer pay-per-click (PPC) advertising services, conversion rate optimization (CRO), or social media marketing options if you don’t already. Adding these as potential products will help your clients better see how to fully flesh out their digital footprint and marketing strategy.

Begin Connecting With Niche Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful trends in marketing today. To position your company to take advantage of this trend, you should begin building relationships with niche-specific influencers on a variety of platforms. This process will require you to identify and make contact with talent, but the payoff can be substantial. Be sure to cultivate micro influencers, as they often have highly engaged audiences who will be eager to buy relevant products or services. Connecting with micro influencers early is also a great way to take advantage of their growing audiences as they expand their reach. Look to platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok to get started.

Before you can offer the service of connecting clients with influencers, it is a good idea to first build up a network of influencer relationships. Find a variety of influencers from different areas and content specialties to fit within various industries. As you work on building these relationships, keep an eye on new, upcoming influencer talents and think outside the box about what kind of relationships could be beneficial in the future.

Establish a Great Writing Team

Although video is the preferred medium today, written content is still very important. To scale up your business, you should gradually build a stable of talented writers with experience in various niches and industries. The deeper and wider the expertise of your writing team is, the more you can justify charging for written content creation.

When you bring on a team of writers for your marketing company, make sure they are all trained on various types of web writing including website copy, social posts, blogs, and long-form marketing materials. These writers should also be proficient editors. It is best to get writers who have a large variety of backgrounds from differing industries. This way you can always have an in-house expert to turn to on any given topic. If you choose to outsource your writing instead of having an in-house team, make sure to choose a reputable company or group to work with.

Offer Website Development Packages

A huge part of marketing, and in particular online marketing, is having a useful website for customers and clients to look at. Without this, smaller companies can expect to lose a hefty amount of business. To help draw in more clients, consider offering website development services for new or existing clients.

These services can include building websites from the ground up, redesigning an existing site, or better optimizing a site that the client has and is already satisfied with. By using experienced web developers, you can offer this simple, yet effective, marketing solution for your clients. If you want to streamline this process, offer templates for customers to design their website after to ensure they are getting the look and feel they want and expect.

These five simple strategies will help you expand your product offerings and profit effectively from them. Always work to show your clients the value of your services and the specific kind of returns they can expect from working with you, whether it be through an increase in sales or traffic on their end. Digital marketing is always evolving, and these five tips will allow you to stay on the cutting edge and provide the largest possible amount of value to your customers while seeing better growth and expansion for your own business.