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E-commerce Explosion: How Digital Marketing Agencies Can Benefit Your Business


Digital marketing agencies have the expertise and digital tools to elevate the marketing efforts of your e-commerce businesses. Working with a digital marketing agency can lead to your business being exposed to a greater level of customers who will be more relevant to your business and product selection. 

Graphical Content

Digital marketing agencies can take photos of the products you plan to sell in a customer-centric way, they will also be involved with adding graphics to your photos such as adding text-based content onto your images; this further highlights your product’s special features making it more appealing to customers. Digital marketing agencies often have in-depth experience marketing a range of different products, allowing them to understand the marketing tactics well for particular products or when targeting specific customer demographics. 

Keyword Research And SEO

Digital marketing agencies can offer an seo course and also research keywords that you can include on your website or e-commerce selling pages, they can access analytics information that will allow them to determine how many people are searching for each keyword and the level of competition associated with the keyword. They aim to find keywords that have a lot of searches but a low level of competition among other businesses selling similar products. This way there is an increased chance of your website or product ranking higher on search engines, meaning more potential customers are being exposed to your product which should lead to higher sales as long as your product is marketed right. 


If you are selling your product on an e-commerce website that you own digital marketing agencies can improve the performance of webpages on your website by using a practice called internal linking. Internal linking is where hyperlinks are placed on your website that once clicked will take users to other pages of your website, this can improve the webpage authority of webpages on your website; which can in turn lead to your webpages being shown more prominently on the search engine results page (SERP) on Google. If you are looking for services related to SEO in Manchester there are plenty of options to choose from, why not start today and make some enquiries to see where SEO can take you? 

Pay Per Click (PPC)

You can see this in action by typing in goods such as ‘trousers’ or ‘handbags’ into Google, the very first results at the top of the page will often say ‘sponsored’ next to them; this is an example of a pay-per-click advertisement. Each time someone clicks on a pay-per-click advertisement a small portion of the marketing budget set aside by the company engaged in using PPC to market their website and products will used. For this to be effective the right keywords for your products and company are being bid on, because if you spend your marketing budget on irrelevant keywords to your company you will see little to no improvements in sales as a result of using PPC. Digital marketing agencies can run this process and help your marketing campaigns be as effective as possible. 

Written Content

You can also task a digital marketing agency to write the content for your website, you will have a consultation with them where you will describe generally what you expect the written content to be like; the agency will then get to work and send you a sample of what they have come up with, it is possible that this may not fit your vision straight away which is why you can suggest tweaks or even ask them to completely rewrite it. Written content is important when selling products online because this is the main way you describe your product, what it does and why your product is better than the rest. 

Video Content 

Depending on the product you are selling it may be beneficial for you to include a video of your product being used or in action to reassure potential customers that your product is up to scratch. Within your video, you can also include a voice-over of someone explaining the key benefits of your product which will further lure potential customers into purchasing your products. Video content can be tricky sometimes for even experienced video marketing professionals, it is advisable that if you have not got any experience making marketing videos in the past you should leave this task up to the professionals.  Just like written content the marketing agency will consult with you about your expectations of the video and what you want to be included, which should increase the likelihood of you being happy with the end result. 

Social Media

Social media can allow your business to reach new customers who have never heard of your business and lure them back to your e-commerce website where hopefully they will make a purchase. Digital marketing agencies will be clued up on the best practices of social media management and will be able to talk you through your options when it comes to social media, digital marketing agencies can also run your social media accounts full-time if necessary. There are two ways you can market your business on social media:

Paid Social

Paid social involves setting aside a marketing budget to boost selected posts that you publish on your social media accounts. Each time a social media user clicks on your paid advertisement a small portion of your marketing budget will be taken by the social media company (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok). When paid social is used your business’s posts will be shown as advertisements to users on social media, even if they have never interacted with your business before. This can be a good way to attract people who may be interested in your product offering. 


You can target specific demographics for your social media ads to be shown to be changing the metrics you are targeting, your options include age, location and job title. This allows your advertisements to be shown to a more relevant audience and increases the effectiveness of your ad spend.

Organic Social 

Organic social refers to you creating a social media page where you post updates about your business or product offerings but do not pay the social media platform to boost your content so that it will be seen by a much wider audience. Organic social relies instead on social media users sharing your content with their followers or friends, you can increase the likelihood of this happening by creating compelling content that customers will want to share with their friends. Creating competitions is a great way to achieve this, as you can offer a prize draw but only make this draw available to people who have shared a social media post; this gives people an incentive to share your content with their friends hopefully leading to more people being exposed to your company, leading to more sales. 


Choosing the right digital marketing agency for your business can seriously elevate your business visibility to potential customers.