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The Best Budget-Friendly Restaurants In London


London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, there are numerous things you can do in the capital of the UK. It is filled with restaurants with professional chefs, bars and museums. Plus, they have a large number of theatres all across the city if this is your sort of thing. There are hundreds of things to do in London, both expensive and affordable things. 

If you are stuck on a budget and visiting London on a weekend, there are plenty of things to do at an affordable price. There are also plenty of restaurants to choose from that are much cheaper than Michelin-starred restaurants. Let’s take a look at the affordable options of London’s finest restaurants.

Best Cuisines When Visiting London

London is very diverse in its culture. Additionally, their cuisines are even more versatile, producing flavours from all over the world. There are no ‘Best Cusinises’ in London because there are so many fantastic restaurants to choose from with different flavours. Some of them include Thai food, and Indian Restaurants and have a great variety of vegetarian and vegan food. 

The More Common Places Where The Locals Eat

The best thing to do when visiting the capital is to check where the locals eat. Not only will these be great for flavour but some will also be more affordable. Soho is one of the areas that you can visit in London which has a variety of Michelin-starred restaurants. Covent Garden is another great place to visit for food, with pre-theatre menus that are very good for their money. Outside of London is also great with places like Islington, Brixton, Notting Hill, and Shoreditch all being great places to visit. 

Different Affordable Places To Eat In London 

Now we have looked at some of the great areas that you can visit in London, let’s take a look at some of the cheapest restaurants where you can enjoy fantastic flavours. 


If you enjoy eating Thai food and are willing to head out of the city centre, Singburi should be on your list. One of our favourite things about this restaurant is that there is no website with it. If you want to see what they have available, you visit their Instagram page to see what they have written on their menu board. Furthermore, there are two things you can guarantee at Singburi; It is very affordable and the food you eat is fresh. 

Andu Ethiopian Vegan Cafe

Another great cuisine that is worth visiting is Andu Ethiopian Vegan Cafe. For those vegans that struggle to find flavourful dishes, this is the place for you. It is a great menu, with a variety of dishes at cheap prices. They have a good selection of stews, vegetables, dals, and greens. 

Sambal Shiok

Mandy Yin’s Malaysian laksa bar in Holloway has a cult following and it’s easy to see why. There’s an addictive quality to the intense fiery hit of the flavourful laksa broth which comes in a big steaming bowl packed with rice noodles, tofu puffs, bean sprouts, green beans and chicken, all for £14.90. If you like it spicy but don’t want your head blown off, go for the hot broth and get some extra coconut milk to calm it down. Guaranteed to warm you inside and out.

Ciao Bella

Next on the list is the wonderful Ciao Bella. This restaurant is the definition of getting your money’s worth. The plates are full of flavour and a fantastic atmosphere is guaranteed with a live piano each night of the week. Whether you want a fresh pizza made or just a traditional spaghetti carbonara, this one is great for just an easy mid-week meal. 


KaoSarn is another traditional Thai restaurant and those who live in South London can enjoy three of these. The chefs at this fabulous restaurant learnt from their mother, with unique family flavours that have been influenced by Thai culture. There is nothing better than a traditional plate, packed with flavour from a family-run cuisine which is why you must visit KaoSarn. 

Club Mexicana

Looking for a Mexican-themed restaurant? Club Mexicana has an all-vegan menu with plant-based fried chicken, cheeseburger tacos, or a burrito glazed with BBQ jackfruit. Furthermore, it is a great place for affordable Margaritas from 5 PM. Finding a good palace that serves vegan food can be difficult, never mind finding a Mexican-based restaurant with vegan food. 


Our final option is Padella, which opened in 2016 and has been a popular restaurant in London ever since. If you enjoy eating pasta at an affordable price, Padella should be at the top of your list. Furthermore, finding a meal at the cost of £16 is something everybody needs in the capital. Plus, you can treat yourself to Tiramisu after it for only £7. 

The Best Food Markets In London

Numerous food markets in London make eating in the capital affordable. Furthermore, these food markets can give you the true experience of food in London as they have been here much longer than most fine dining restaurants.

Borough Market

First on the list is the borough market and this is one of the oldest in London, dating back to the thirteenth century. Amongst the wide variety of butchers, bakers and cheesemakers, you’ll find a wonderful selection of street food stalls. 

Arcade Food Hall

Up next is the Arcade food hall. This fantastic food market is located in Central London, making it the best place to stop after visiting Westminster and Oxford Street. A great positive to this food market is that it has a wide range of cultures and cuisines for you to choose from such as Japanese and Mexican food. 

Broadway Market

This is one of the busiest food markets in London so we advise you to pick a day when it won’t be full with families and school kids. A lot is going on in Broadway Market, with over 100 stalls that sell fantastic and flavoursome food. If you manage to go on a day that isn’t busy, you will thoroughly enjoy this market. 

Seven Dials Market

Last but not least, is the seven dials market. This is another fantastic food market where you have the option to eat at the market or, wander down a flight of stairs, sit at one of the many tables and order it there. This is a very modern food market that adapted to the times, making it a favourite for many youngsters touring around London. 


When people think about London, they think of Michelin-starred restaurants with high-street fashion stores. However, there is a lot more to it. London is packed with unique markets selling vintage clothing and wonderful food stalls. It has plenty of parking in central London where you can explore these affordable restaurants.