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Apartment Moving Checklist That You Should Consider


Moving to a new place calls for a lot of time and energy to be invested. You Can Either hire a professional moving company or you can also have the following house or apartment moving checklist in mind to make sure you move smoothly without a problem.

8-10 Weeks Before The Moving Day

Whenever you are planning on moving to a new location, starting as early you can is always the best bet. Starting early gives the advantage of having everything arranged for the final day so it doesn’t get to be nearly as hectic. These are some of the things from the apartment moving checklist you should think about doing about 8 weeks ahead of your moving day:

  • Make reservations with a moving company to avoid any last-minute inconveniences due to busy days. The summer is usually the most favorite time of moving and Fridays are the busiest with moving companies, you certainly do not want to end up on the waiting list in the final hour.
  • Arrange for the preparations for moving. This can include booking the renting of a truck if you are planning on doing the move yourself, and also taking into account all the material that will be required for the packing later on, and make a budget to be prepared.
  • Request for leave at your office on the day that you are planning on moving. it is always the safest and best-recommended keeping with yourself a window of two days before and after the moving day to avoid inconveniences later on.

4 Weeks Before The Moving Day

With four weeks left until your moving day, you should now take into your hands the more serious and important of the matters. You should start changing your address at the band, emails, and in the CV to the new location that you are planning on moving into. Many times it happens that you move into a new place and still have the old address everywhere, you then have to deal with the inconvenience of running around and correcting it.

There will not be a better time for you to collect the moving supplies that you took into account in the previous step and the ones that you will need. Getting hold of as many free boxes and cartons as you can is the best way to ensure an organized move. You can also organize the packing by labeling or marking with color the boxes that go with specific rooms.

2 Weeks Before The Moving Day

This is when things start to take a hectic turn if you have not prepared yourself properly as mentioned in the above steps; you probably are looking at a lot of fatigue. But if you were smart enough to start acting early as guided, you just need to start putting things in place one by one.

The boxes that you bought earlier will be labeled and readily available for you to be adding several things from here and there during the day. Be mindful to keep the things that are in use out of the packaging and also some clothes that you can pack in a suitcase for use during the move.

Withdraw some extra cash from the bank which comes of use during the move and also it will be a smart idea to pay your previous landlord a friendly visit, reminding him that you’ll be leaving soon and expecting to get back the security deposit on time.

On The Moving Day

Finally, the big day is here! Now when you move out, before handing the keys to the previous landlord make sure to give it a good cleaning to end things on a good note.

You should reach the new place before the moving service does and take a stroll around with the owner or agent to note down the affairs of things. This might be very useful when you are leaving the place and the owner tries ways to keep your security deposit.

When the movers arrive, you can supervise the unloading and unpacking of the provisions. You can also guide them to keep everything where you want it so that you don’t have to deal with it yourself later on.


Even though moving to a new place is possibly one of the most hectic and time-consuming things, but you can ease it out by preparing well for it!