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Boat Rentals at Discounted Rates


Besides all other rentals we see on the internet, now yacht rentals have also entered the internet age. It is interesting to compare it with car rentals. Same as you can rent a car anywhere on the go you can rent a boat as well. If you need a car for the airport you will find hundreds of options to choose from. You can select a big or a small car based on the size of your party. Same way now you can rent big or small boats for your boating and fishing trips.

Renting a boat is now simple and easy. It is best to rent one that is located near your adventure spot. Many marinas offer boat rentals for their clients. When you go for an RV vacation at a Texas lake resort, there is no need to buy a boat to take the family out for fishing. Simply log on to the resort’s website and book a boat for the family. You can also do the same while you are there.

At Lake Livingston, there is a very popular resort where you can park your RV with a full hookup. Those who do not own an RV you can always rent one. Bethy Creek Resort is a fun spot for people of all ages. Here you can enjoy BBQs on picnic tables and use the pier for fly fishing. The hotel rooms and cabins can also be booked if your RV begins to seem small. There are RV campgrounds and also the primitive tent campgrounds where you can enjoy the starry nights of Texas.

These days boats are very expensive. The ski boats, wake boat, and surf boats cost at least a $100,000. For the same price, you can buy a house. So do not waste money on buying a boat, instead, save it for the future. It is smarter to enjoy the water sports in boat rentals. Another drawback about buying a boat is that it depreciates over time. The boat you buy will lose its value over time just like cars do. With a boat rental, you pay for when you use it. Maintenance will be another costly expense. Parts and labor cost is high for boats so it is best to avoid such an expense. You can buy a boat if you own a house located near a river and love water sports.

At Bethy Creek, it is a good idea to take a boating trip on Lake Livingston with friends and family. You can rent a boat for 4 hours to enjoy the waters. In summers, guests enjoy heavy discounts. If you like fishing it is a good idea to take the guided fishing tour. The lake has abundant fish and their behavior changes with the season. Learn when and how to catch the White Bass, Largemouth Bass, Crappie and catfish from the experts. Before you embark on the trip pack the sunglasses, suntan lotion, boat shoes, and the fishing rods and reels. The bait is sold at the on-site shop at the resort. There is also a volleyball court, a basketball court and a swim beach that you can enjoy there.