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Buying A Perfect Cross Necklace

Cross Necklace

Affordable jewelry has many more features just than making us look more beautiful. The type we choose to wear reflects our style and personality. Considering the Christian community, wearing a cross necklace has been a constant reminder of their faith in God. It also acts as a belief statement for them. No doubt, cross pendant is the most noticeable symbol for Christian culture. If you are looking to add a gold necklace to your accessories, then what can be better than a cross necklace. So that you find the best piece, we’ve put together a few factors to consider while buying one for you.

The four criteria that should be kept in mind while getting a gold cross necklace are weight, material, size, and style.

Size and weight

The size of this affordable jewelry piece is usually the first thing to consider, along with its weight. As you will be wearing it around the neck. So, ensure to pick one with lightweight. For an even weighing men’s gold necklace, you can try it on wearing around your neck. And if you are purchasing it online, then you can check for the weight in product features.

Buying A Perfect Cross Necklace

Size can particularly affect the weight. The smaller the cross, the lighter will be the weight. A large cross pendant can be suitable for men, whereas the small size will be a good option for women, as it can fit with different outfits without looking loud.

Knowing the material

The most common material used is wood, gemstones, and metals like steel, silver and gold. Wood has a lighter and a natural texture to it. Cross pendants with embellished gemstones are more about sparkle, color, and energy. On the other hand, metallic silver and gold necklaces for men are heavier and have cooling feel to it.

Now, you must be thinking that why identifying material is vital. Well, because you are going to wear this affordable jewelry piece around the neck for a long time and to ensure ease, it has to be light and smooth.

Stainless steel comes in high quality and is the least reactive and durable among all. Seeing the other alloy metals, they contain a mixture of metals that may cause a reaction to sensitive skin. Instead of wearing, you can use it as an ornamental piece for the house wall or car’s rear mirror.

Certainly, it is necessary to consider the safety level and strength of the cross pendant you choose. Either you are buying one for yourself or want to gift it to someone, avoid the ones made with alloy metals and plastics.


A cross necklace is only wearable if its style matches your taste and comfort level. While purchasing a one to gift to someone, make sure that it works according to their personality or not. Similarly, keeping in mind both these things, you will be able to pick the most elegant piece.

Last but not least, a few more things to assure before adding one to your closet and accessories.

  • The weight of the pendant should not be more than the chain’s weight. Just follow the 1:1 ratio. If ignored, the chain may break.
  • The color theme of the men’s gold necklace should match the chain’s color. For example, a platinum pendant should be worn only with a platinum or silver chain.
  • Remember paying attention to clamps of the cross pendant. It should be wide enough to get a necklace or chain within.
  • And yes, the chain shouldn’t give that tacky feel to the pendant. So, it’s better to choose sober styles.

Subsequently, there are several options when it comes to the style of cross pendants. The basic styles for women and men are gold necklace, silver necklace, or the ones with halo tags. Even different designs are also encrypted like skulls, axes, flowers, dragons, bibles, and wings, etc.

So, choose a cross necklace that suits your style more!