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Digital Guide: 6 Mobile Applications to Travel the World


When going on a trip, you should always follow two simple rules: to have the minimum of necessary belongings in a suitcase and the maximum of useful applications in a smartphone. Both of these conditions will help you feel free and comfortable in any country and on any trip, because thanks to your gadget you can book a hotel, find a place to eat, or rent a car.

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This is a popular and convenient travel organizer that allows you to create a detailed trip plan – with all points of departure and arrival, flight numbers, hotel addresses, scheduled meetings and events, attractions to visit, etc. The whole trip will be before your eyes, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting something, since Triplt will remind you of everything.

First of all, the program is convenient for tourists who are planning a complex journey with several transfers, as well as for those who go on a business trip with a busy schedule.

One of the useful possibilities of the application is creating routes between all points of your trip – airports, train stations, and hotels. Thanks to this function, it’s no longer necessary to enter the addresses into the navigator programs.



Packpoint is an application where each traveler can create lists of belongings needed on a trip. The app takes into consideration trip duration, destination, type of rest, and weather forecast. For example, you can save and customize lists according to your needs – for a short trip, for a week-long trip with your kid, for a journey to a ski resort, etc.

After you specify a destination, Packpoint checks the weather forecast for the area and creates additional reminders – so that you need to grab a windbreaker and an umbrella, sunglasses and sandals, and other equipment.

Created lists can be shared with friends. This is convenient if you go hiking and share equipment that each traveler will take.



Perhaps this is the most famous and one of the oldest hotel booking systems in the world. Booking.com was founded in 1996 and since then has been confidently holding a leading position in this market. Everything is done there for the convenience of users – a choice of 43 working languages, no mandatory registration for reserving a room.

The booking service is interesting because right on the site you can read real reviews of tourists, see a lot of photos of a particular accommodation option and select the appropriate offers based on their user rating. Thus, it’s possible to exclude staying in a bad hotel and not spoil your vacation. One of the advantages of this hotel booking application is just a huge database of hotels, guest houses, hostels for both budget travelers and wealthy people.



GateGuru is a useful assistant and convenient service with a huge amount of information about the airports – their services, infrastructure, transport, the location of gates, etc. Here you can find more than 35 thousand user reviews about everything that travelers encounter at airports – duty free shops, cafes and restaurants, standard waiting rooms and VIP lounge areas, entertainment venues and spa salons at airports.

When planning your trip, you can enter the number and date of your flight in GateGuru – and the application will independently create your route from the check-in desk to the desired gate, calculate the approximate time of passport and customs control, as well as report the predicted weather conditions at the airports of your departure and arrival.

Travelers who often fly can keep statistics on their travels at GateGuru – the number of miles, hours in the air, airports visited. This data can be compared with the achievements of other users of the application in order to compete with them.



TripAdvisor is the global travel industry giant, which doesn’t need any additional introduction. With its application, you can be sure that almost all the sights of the world are collected in your smartphone – with millions of reviews and ratings of other travelers, with tips and impressions, addresses, and working schedules.

TripAdvisor forums are additionally available for the Android version of the application. It allows you to read existing discussions or create your own one. The application allows you to view all the attractions in the selected city or country, filter them by categories (monuments, museums, parks, restaurants and cafes, etc.) or display on the map all interesting places within a radius of several kilometers from where you are.



The popularity of this navigation application is caused by the fact that it doesn’t need Internet access. Even at home, before starting your trip, you load maps of the countries you are planning to travel to your phone’s memory – and this is enough for Maps.Me to quickly show both automobile and pedestrian routes by highways of the megalopolises and secondary roads of small towns.

The navigator has voice accompaniment in different languages ​​and a set of filters and settings to create the necessary routes.