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Do Gas-Saving Products Really Work?


When gas prices are going up, we often see advertisement of various gas saving products. It is normal for people to look for ways to reduce the overall fuel consumption. There are steps that you can to improve gas mileage. However, it is important for you to be aware of claims that can be somewhat misleading. In many cases, savings are quite negligible or even non-existent. When you see advertisement for gas saving products, you should be sceptical about it. EPA has performed tests on more than a hundred of devices and products that are alleged to provide gas saving benefits. However, the agency hasn’t found any products that convincingly reduce gas consumption. In some cases, certain products may end up damaging the internal functions of your car.

Most advertisements show glowing testimonials provided by satisfied customers. After installing gas saving products, people actually don’t have an accurate means to verify the result. Then actually need to have equipment that show accurate changes related to gas mileage. There are actually many factors that affect the overall fuel consumptions, such as weather, road conditions and traffic. Poorly maintained car may also have poor mileage, while well-maintained cars, despite their age are reasonably efficient. Most of the time, a regular engine tune up is enough to restore the original mileage. To this day, no gas saving product is endorsed officially by the government and you can’t fully trust test data that are released by the manufacturer themselves.

Make sure that you can ask for refunds and file product complaints if you have issues with the gas saving products. If the product doesn’t work, it is important that you can get a refund. Make sure that the company has money back guarantees. If the company has poor response to the situation, you should be able to contact the Better Business Bureau or the local consumer protection agency. You should refer to the results of tests about specific gas saving products. It will be a complete waste of money and time if the product ends up being detrimental to your fuel economy. The product should be tested rigorously to make sure that it is actually working and can provide real results.

There are various gas saving products that you can find in the market. Here are some of them:

  • Air bleed devices: It works by bleeding air into the carburettor. It can become the replacement for idle mixture screws or installed in the positive crankcase ventilation,
  • Vapour bleed device: It is almost the same with air bleed device, but the air is induced and feed into a container filled with anti freeze mixture and water.
  • Liquid injection: This product adds liquid into the air intake or fuel intake system, but not into the combustion chamber directly.
  • Ignition device: It is used to replace the original equipment in the ignition system.
  • Fuel line device: It is used to heat up fuel before entering the carburettor. It is believed that the high temperature of the fuel can improve the overall fuel efficiency.