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Essential Guide for College Presentations


Have you ever wondered why college students often complain about having too much of workload? Do you realize why they spend sleepless nights in computer labs and library? Well, this is because college professors adopt a number of ways to assess students when they reach college including class quizzes, assignments, projects and presentation. Here we tend to focus on why professors attach so much importance to presentations and how can students play their part in performing exceptionally.

While preparing slides and speaking on a topic may seem a fairly straightforward and simple task, students find it difficult to retain the confidence when they stand in front of public. You can always take help with assignment or academic writing and secure good grade but presentation is all about how a student himself presents. So following are some tips and guides to ace your college presentation:

  • Preparation of slides should be done smartly: There are certain rules and standards you are required to maintain throughout presentation at college. Firstly, the slides should not contain too many words because that simply shows you are not able to retain information in your mind. Also, too much content on slides confuses the listeners whether to listen to you or to read the content. Instead, use brief phrase or just an image on your slide and explain it by yourselfto make it look professional.

Similarly, take care of the color combination you use for the background and content. The content should be visible and the contrast should not provide discomfort to the eyes of listeners. Finally, keep the font simple. You do not get additional marks for using fancy font that is difficult to read!

  • Body language defines who you are: After dealing with the slides of your presentation, it is necessary to work on your body language. Presenting while hands inside your pockets or too tightly joined together leaves a poor impression on the audience who assumes you to be nervous.

Before entering the class for presentation, make some power poses in your room or washroom that will make you feel confident. Tell yourself that the presentation will go flawless and your body language will be great eventually due to boosted confidence. Make appropriate hand movements and do not roam around too much because that often distracts the audience from the presentation.

  • Eye contact is the most obvious yet difficult task: When you have so much to think about, you probably forget to focus on minor tasks like hand gestures and eye contact. Continuously looking at the floor, slides, ceiling or just one part of audience creates a poor impression of the presenter. You must make sure at all times to minimize looking at slides and keep making eye contact with everyone. However, if the audience is great in number, you may consider looking at all the sides of audience without specifically making eye contact with individuals.
  • Dressing formally is not an option, it is mandatory: Presentations are meant to be formal and the reason why students are required to wear formal clothes is because they are being prepared for the professional life. So avoid jeans during presentation and be as formal as you can.

So your entire performance in presentation depends on how you prepare for it. You may find people offering help with assignment and essays but there is not much one can do with your presentation.

Author bio: Kyle Hudson is the recruitment specialist in the HR of a Tobacco company. He provides counseling sessions to struggling college students.


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