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Five Ways to Seek Proper Legal Counsels


Legal proceedings can be quite expensive, but luckily, it is possible for lawyers to prevent lawsuits and other legal problems that cost us money. By having legal counsels, you can be sure that your legal rights are well protected. Any misstep in the legal process could cause future problems. You need to work with professionals who have specialized legal knowledge. Whether you are an ordinary individual, business owner or managing director of a corporation, it is important to get proper legal counsels for your requirements. First of all, you need to fully understand your own requirements. Here are things that you should do:

  1. Choose the most appropriate legal expertises: Your legal counsel should be obtained from professionals who are known for their expertise in the appropriate field. As an example, you may need an appropriate attorney to manage your new joint venture agreement. It would even be better if the lawyer is specialized in your industry, such as medical or technology field.
  2. Make a list of candidates: You should be able to make at least a short list of potential lawyers who are capable of representing you and handling your legal matters. Ask friends and colleagues about this. The state bar association may also have a referral service, so you can make a list immediately. After having an appropriate list, you should be able to screen potential candidates in your area. Contact everyone in your list and ask them basic questions, such as expertise, experience and fee structure. You should be able to determine two or three likeliest candidates that you may choose.
  3. Meet them face to face: After you narrow down the list of potential professionals who can help you, the next them is to meet them face to face. Make a list of more detailed questions to better refine your selections. In this situation, you should respect the time of potential lawyers. If you think that a lawyer isn’t appropriate for you due to some missing details, then you shouldn’t waste his/her time. If you feeling that a candidate might be right for you, you may request a proposal about handling the current case. The proposal should contain that relevant services that the law firm can provide, preliminary timeline and fees.
  4. Check references: Before choosing a lawyer, you should check references and verify their credentials in the local bar association. Call previous clients and ask whether they are willing to work with the law firm again. Even if they are satisfied, ask whether there are problems that you should know.
  5. Seek chemistry: If you want to have close relationship with the lawyer, you should determine whether there’s really chemistry. You need to communicate well if you want to get proper legal counsel. It’s all about getting collaboration and mutual trust with any professional who you work with. In fact, good relationship with the lawyer should be clearly defined and stated in the contract agreement. You shouldn’t just make an assumption that any lawyer will have good interpersonal skill with their clients.