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Get a Detailed Idea on Various Types of Industrial Fans

industrial fans

Many types of fans and blowers are used in an industry, which is mechanical or electro-mechanical devices. These devices are used to increase the flow of gases in various equipment such as ducting, process stacks, electronic chassis, and many others. The gaseous flow is needed for May purposes such as cooling, exhausting, cooling, and ventilating. The term industrial fans are also used as industrial blowers.

Specifications of an industrial fan:

An industrial fan consists of type of blower, port design, flow capacity, and many others. These industrial fans consist of a motor, which are used to drive the blowers. Other options to empower the blowers include engines.

Types of blowers:

There are many types of industrial fans or blowers, which are described here.

Centrifugal Air Blowers:

Impellers or blades of very high speed are used in this type of blower. These blades rotate at a very fast speed and provide speed to the air and other gases. A number of blade orientations can be present in these blowers.

These orientations include

  • Backward curved
  • Radial
  • Forward curved

Electric motors are used to run these blowers. These motors consist of sheaves, which help in controlling the speed of the fan. Another option present in these fans to control the speed includes dampers.

Positive Displacement Blowers

The concept of these types of blowers is similar to that of positive displacement pumps. These fans are used to squeeze the fluid with the help of a mechanical force. The pressure and velocity of the fan is increased when the liquid is squeezed. Rotary lobe blowers are used most commonly because they consist of two rotors, which are counter-rotated.

Another type of blower in this category is a cutaway blower, which also has two rotors. Electric motors are used to run the blower. Some of them can also be empowered through gas engines or hydraulic motors.

Industrial Blower and their applications

Centrifugal blowers are used for various purposes. Some of them include the supply of combustion air, cooling and drying systems, air conveyor systems, dust control systems, and many others. The impeller in these blowers is located on an extension of the motor shaft. This shaft relies on motor and bearings for support. Positive displacement blowers are used in sewage aeration filters, gas boosting, and in petrochemical industries for movement of all kinds of gases. The speed of the motor can either step up or step down the blowers. The outlet of the centrifugal blower is arranger in an angle, which is tangential to the rotation of the impeller.

Considerations while purchasing an industrial blower

Blowers should be purchased as per the requirement of the industry. The factors, which are considered to purchase a blower, include flow rate and pressure. Another factor that is to be considered is the inlet and outlet pressure. In the case of high pressure, positive displacement blowers are considered to be the best. The designers who design the fans also have to decide the pressure and flow rate along with controlling frictional losses.

Some of the attributes that should be considered before purchasing the blower are as follows.

Type of blower

The most common blowers used in an industry are centrifugal and positive displacement. These are broad categories and many sib categories are also there for choosing the blower.


The orientation of blades should also be considered as they can be backward or forward-curved. This is where features meet the class.

These are some of the industrial fans along with their features and advantages and people can choose the one, which is suitable for their industry.