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Granite is No Longer The Most Popular Kitchen Countertop

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The countertop is a must-have in kitchen installations. The uses of countertops are more than just embellishment. You don’t have to look after kitchen slabs because of the countertop’s sturdy surface. This is the reason the kitchen countertop is one of the important parts of such a home cooking room. For most of us, the kitchen should be sizzling for both the cook and residents of the home.

For the cooks, it casts a spell of inspiration and also makes the work easy for the chefs or housewives. When it comes to the beauty of a kitchen then the kitchen is incomplete without this installation.

Why Granite Has Become Outdated as Countertop

As a matter of fact, the countertop wears down with the passage of time. A lot of things involved in considering the granite as the kitchen counter but there are a couple of factors get to be thinking while having kitchen installations. Durability is the first thing to bear with. As the stone has a greater lifespan that is why; people adopt granite as the number one choice in terms of durability. But the durability lies in the reliance on temperature and humidity factor.

Due to the kitchen’s varying temperature the life of the granite goes on getting lesser. The crumbling shedding of granite is the worst issue. For this issue, people most often feel it disliked for granite installation as the kitchen countertop.

Other Factors To Make Granite Less Popular

Although granite has not only one factor to make it unpopular, there are some of those reasons for which the granite is becoming non-preferable for the people. Following, we will discuss what factors are the reasons to turn granite subduing as the kitchen countertop. Therefore, you need to consider some other countertop.

1- Heaviness of the Slab

Granite due to being heavier is considered to be a rigidity holder. The weight is the major factor to turn granite unfavorable. Heaviness means you will have to pay extra as the moving cost. Though a single slab of the granite takes many charges as compared to others in the market. That’s why, people do not prefer the granite as the option for kitchen. Plus, the weighty slab may cause injury and other breakage problems.

2- Hardness For Installation

Granite is a heavy object that takes enough long time for installation. The installation time also increases the labor cost. Masonry cost normally takes $400-$500 for Granite installation cost. Moreover, the masons do not normally get the work for this installation. Because as they say, there is a great risk of slab breakage and injury while installing the granite. That’s why, you will have to look for the masons to install the countertop which often not meet easily.

3- Cracks and Chips Risks

Granite is a natural material that has a strange structure. It often breaks due to the falling of heavy objects. More often, granite yields cracks and chips if something heavier collides with the top. This single problem leads it to be less popular as the top option. The crumbling shedding causes it to have a porous nature in structure. Which makes it less favorable for top counter usage in the kitchen and other places.

4- Porous Nature Bacteria Colonies

Granite is of the nature of porous holes on its surface. Nature is a matter of concern for homeowners. Because porous nature renders the bacteria to make colonies inside the holes. These holes thereby cause bacteria to contact with eatables and other cooking materials. This is so why; the hygienists do not recommend granite as the kitchen countertop. Furthermore, it is a risk to have a stained and waxy surface that spoils your kitchen look.

5- Expensiveness of the Granite

Granite has become less considerable because of its expensiveness. You will have to pay $100-$200 per square feet to buy a granite countertop. You must have to compare the price if you want to consider your price and other ranges. Therefore, granite has been devalued for economic uses. You will be having some other options at a lesser price and installation cost. It is therefore home décor and kitchen specialists recommend that you should rethink while installing granite kitchen countertop, if you have to save money.


In conclusion, I would say, granite has been no longer an option for the installation as a kitchen countertop because of the above discussed reasons. This is so why; I would want you to think about some other available options of countertop for your kitchen. You may consult with your local kitchen remodeler in this context.