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How Plumbers Do Leak Detection For A Home

How Plumbers Do Leak Detection For A Home

Plumbing leaks often occur when there is some flaw in the installation of the plumbing system, when there are failed connections or when a water pipe is broken. No matter what is the reason, plumbing leaks are crucial to treating on an urgent basis. If you ignore to resolve a plumbing leak, it causes water damage in your home.

How Plumbers Do Leak Detection

If you want to protect your precious belongings and valuables, you must do the leak detection and repair in time. Even ignoring a pinhole-sized water leak can lead to major water issues and you also notice a big spike in your utility bills. When you are unable to detect a leak on your own, taking the help of the professionals becomes crucial. They know exactly how to locate a leak and how to repair it immediately without any delay. Here is how plumbers do leak detection for a home:

Make Use Of Acoustic Devices

Acoustic listening devices are the basic tools that most of the professional plumbers use for detecting leaks. With the help of ground microphones, they can pinpoint leaks without much effort. What happens is that they try to hear the noise of escaping water with the help of these devices. This technique works even if the water is dripping from a layer of concrete.

Use Of Heat Scanners

This is another proven method of detecting leaks in the areas which are too deep and where it is difficult to make use of acoustic listening. When you make use of heat scanners, it instantly picks up temperatures changes where there is a leak. When water escapes, temperature shifts occur and it instantly shows up on the heat scanner.

Leak Detection Through Video Pipe Inspection

How Plumbers Do Leak Detection For A Home

When both these methods of heat scanning and sound acoustic fail to find a leak, a professional plumber resort towards video inspection. The video inspection equipment consists of a miniaturized camera and long optic fiber cables. When they move the camera inside the pipe, it sends back images to the plumber and he can see the inside condition of the pipe. All this makes it easier for a plumber to detect the leak and how to repair it. Video pipe inspection is undoubtedly the easiest method to detect a plumbing leak.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test

If you want to detect leaks in the underground plumbing system, this indeed is the most effective method to detect leaks. To do this test, you place an inflatable test ball into a structure’s mainline sewer cleanout, and then they observe this for more than 20 minutes. If the water level recedes, it proves that there is a water leak.

Digital Water Leak Detection

These days most of the plumbers make use of digital devices for detecting water leaks. Even if there are multiple leaks in a complex plumbing system, the digital leak detection method can easily help you deal with those leaks. In this method, they also use a sound amplifier to quickly identify where exactly the leak is. The moment a plumber finds out the leak, he starts the fixation process and soon you find your plumbing system free of all kinds of leaks.


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Plumbers can install, repair, and replace all kinds of stuff like toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, dishwashers, heating systems, washers for laundry, pipes, water lines, backflow protection, and septic tanks.