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How Small Businesses Can Be Successful and Sustainable


For many people, the day they start their small business is one of the greatest days of their lives. When someone is passionate about the product or service they provide, creating their company that deals in that is extremely rewarding. However, the modern business landscape has to allow for many different factors. For example, businesses need to be greener when it comes to their practices, services, and production. This is imperative when it comes to customer needs and also governmental requirements. It can seem like this is too big of an ask, especially for a small business. However, modern research shows that small businesses are paving the way for sustainability, and it’s proving to be extremely lucrative. Success and sustainability go hand-in-hand in the modern market. But how can you start your business off on the right foot to be both successful and sustainable? This article will take you through the steps and things you need to know when it comes to putting your small business in the best possible place.

How Do I Make My Business Green?

This can seem like a daunting task at first- however, when you know where to look, it can be made much easier to do. Here are some of the many ways in which you can make your business kinder to the environment. 

Choose Green Suppliers

Using a green energy supplier, or making sure that the supplies you need to run your small business come from an eco-friendly company, is a great way to make your business greener. If you work in an office, making sure your energy suppliers are green can be a great way to save the earth. If you need raw materials or office materials, there are green companies that supply these too. This is a great way to make sure your company is eco-friendly from the get go.

Be Energy Efficient

There are many things you can do to make your workspace energy efficient. Changing light bulbs, or implementing lights with sensors is a great way to make sure no energy is wasted. Smart thermostats are also a great way to make sure that no excess energy is being wasted, which is incredibly important for Winter 2022. This can reduce your company’s carbon footprint massively!


Enact Carbon Insetting

Carbon insetting is where a business invests in projects that remove harmful carbon from the earth’s atmosphere. Like carbon offsetting, which makes up for carbon produced, but it’s a bit better as it means your company takes direct responsibility for its own carbon production. This helps to make your business model far more sustainable.

Use Recyclable Packaging

If your company produces an item which is sold and shipped to customers, using recyclable packaging could make a world of difference. The amount of packaging which is thrown away yearly is significantly contributing to the damage of the earth. Making sure your company is promoting recyclable materials and allowing customers to recycle packaging can make your business exponentially more sustainable.

Reduce Your Waste

Reducing the amount of waste your company produces can be done in many ways. For example, making the transition to a paper-free office could reduce the amount of waste produced massively. Finding a service which helps your business recycle could significantly improve the sustainability of your business model. 


How Does This Impact The Creation Of My Business?

There are many ways in which sustainability factors into your branding, marketing and insurance policies too.


Branding is incredibly important to a business, and the topic of sustainable branding has become incredibly divisive. However, many consumers look at the sustainability of a business before they buy their products or services. Making sure you have a great branding strategy can be incredibly useful when it comes to creating an eco-friendly business. Consumer spending patterns will only continue to evolve until nearly everyone considers the sustainability of a business before they buy. Branding professionals will be able to look at your business and give you expert advice when it comes to your brand, and they will be able to know exactly where to create a niche in the market for you. The need for a sustainable branding strategy will only increase as the years go by, so do not neglect this when starting your small business.


Marketing that takes into account your business’ sustainable status will be able to cultivate a loyal customer base. The general public is only becoming more and more invested when it comes to green issues. Having marketing that targets these consumers will allow you to grow your business massively, and create a customer base. Make sure that you consult marketing professionals who will be well versed in navigating this market, and have the market research, so you will be reaching the right people.



It might surprise you to know that getting certain types of business insurance can be incredibly sustainable. Sustainable differences between insurance brokers have become a key factor when businesses choose insurance. This is incredibly true when choosing natural disaster insurance, which will protect you in case of a flood or earthquake. The risks of these have increased because of global warming, so it’s important to pick an insurance broker for this that takes its sustainability practices seriously. This is important for almost every business insurance nowadays, so keep this in mind when you’re comparing credit insurance brokers or cyber insurance services as well.

What Are The Benefits Of Sustainability?

There are many benefits when your small business is sustainable, and there is a potential for incredible growth when you put sustainability at the forefront of your business plan.

Creating A Loyal, Eco-Friendly Customer Base

There are many other eco-friendly businesses that started incredibly small, but have grown massively due to the loyalty of their clients. This is because consumer activity is growing to such an extent that sustainability is at the top of a consumer’s needs list. Sustainability is a great way to create a following of dedicated people that will continue to use your company, and improve your public image.

Reduced Waste and Costs

Sustainable business practices can save you a lot of money. For example, making your workspace energy efficient can reduce your business costs massively. Reducing your waste can save your company a lot when it comes to waste removal, as well. Sustainable businesses also enjoy larger profits, because they have lower overhead costs.

Drives Innovation

New legislation and the public desire for change drives innovation within a business. The drive for sustainability can revolutionise the way a company operates, the products it makes and the services it provides. Sustainability can create a niche in the market all by itself and provide something consumers didn’t know they needed until they had it. This has the potential to open new markets and attract new customers en masse. 

Creating a sustainable small business can be lucrative, rewarding and help the planet all at once- keep these in mind when you start your new innovative company.