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How to Prepare and Maintain Your Car in Desert Environment?


Many countries have desert climate, such as in the Middle East, North Africa, East Asia and North America. If you are living in a desert situation, you make sure that you take a good care of your vehicle. The desert situation can be quite harsh and causing wear and tear on your car. You should make sure that your car is well protected gains the dry and high temperature. As an example, you should know that the battery can be impaired by the high temperature and this will shorten the life of the battery. When the heat is excessive inside the engine compartment, the car may fail to start because the battery is not working properly. You should regularly check the battery, because the high temperature may cause the fluid to evaporate.

You should add the battery fluid to avoid damage on the internal system. The voltage regulator should get monthly examination, because the high temperature will cause high charging rate. This will also cause problems with the battery and shorten its life. This is an important preventative measure to make sure that your battery will last longer. When driving in desert situation, you will also need to be prepared to deal with sandstorm. When it happens, the air filter could be clogged. When the filter is saturated, your engine will be starved of fresh air, causing reduced performance. Also, some dust will eventually penetrate the filter and this will be a bad condition of the engine. Dust could become abrasive and damage surface of metal. After a severe sandstorm, you need to check the air filter and ask the mechanic whether the engine oil is already contaminated.

If the temperature is very high, then it is likely that you will use air conditioning. It means that you need to make sure that the air conditioning is well maintained. Dust could also cause problem with the filter used in the conditioning system. Hoses and belts should be checjed for any sign of wear and tear. Very high temperature could soften rubber compounds, which may make leak more likely to happen. You should regularly check the air conditioning system and ask the mechanic what that you should do to keep the system working properly. It is also important to check that the coolant is at the proper level. The high temperature may make coolant to evaporate faster. Often, you need to keep the coolant at an ideal level every day, because some of it has evaporated the day before.

It is a good idea to always rotate your all season tires when you are driving in a desert environment. Dust could impair your vision if the surface of the windscreen so covered with dust. It means that you need to fill the wiper fluid tank each day, because you will need to use it often. You can keep the visibility high if the windscreen is clean. Vinyl surface could be badly affected by the high temperature, so you may need to apply protective product.


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