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List of the Best of Accounting Software’s in 2019


The advancements in technology have served almost every industry present in today’s world, including sectors like healthcare and accounting as well. The introduction of the first spreadsheet software in 1978 revolutionized bookkeeping in the 20th century.

Steady advancement in computerized tools has resulted in the development of several different accounting programs.

Such software comes with several beneficial features, including nation-specific clauses, support for several different types of regulations and methods of taxation, and even add-ons like GST compatibility e.g. provided on top accounting software in India.

There is a plethora of accounting software available in today’s market that serves various requirements. Let’s take a look at the best accounting software package available in India and its features.

Best accounting software available in 2019

  • Tally.ERP 9 – One of the most popular and feature-rich accounting software available in India is Tally.ERP 9. It is ideal for small and medium scale organizations, helping them track their inventory, cash flow (both sales and purchases), complete several payroll-related operations, etc. The latest version of Tally can be used to calculate GST, offering more chartered accountant practice opportunities as well. It is also available in single or multi-user modes, providing support to accounting firms or private practitioners alike. Tally.ERP 9 is rated as one of the best GST software CAs can invest in.


  • MARG ERP 9 – Another one of the most popular accounting software packages is MARG ERP 9. It comes with unique features like holding a current invoice, which offers real-time management of multiple customers at once. MARG is one of the best accounting software offering a complete range of services from purchase planning to balance sheet maintaining.


  • BUSY Accounting Software – BUSY Accounting Software can perform Income Tax calculations, payroll management, multi or single-location inventory management, sales, purchase, and currency calculations. It also allows creating user-configurable documents (invoices, returns, reports, etc.) which help businesses categorize their operations more effectively and help a CA firm stand out from the rest.


  • Zoho Books – SMEs that import or export goods to and from various international markets require accounting software in India that supports multi-currency bookkeeping and a robust online system. One such system, Zoho Books, can be used to fulfill payroll-related basic accounting requirements of such organizations. Zoho also allows cloud-based systems, which adds another layer of security against hardware malfunctions. It also allows accessing data from different workstations at any time.


  • Clear Tax – Clear Tax is a GST compatible software program that can be used to perform taxation and other basic accounting operations. Although it is not a business-specific program, it can help cater to several to unique taxation requirements of an organization. Clear Tax requires a certain understanding of the taxation process, which makes it better suited for someone who has completed their CA articleship.


These programs are widely used across the nation as tools to help chartered accountants with bookkeeping in an accurate and timesaving fashion. Accounting firms also use these programs to augment the qualities of an accountant at taxation and account management.  Moreover, these software programs can also be utilized to monitor additional expenses.

Note that implementing such software programs also necessitates certain basic operational setups which may require substantial finances.

Loans for Chartered Accountants are offered by several financial institutions, including NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv that provide such credits at affordable interest rates and flexible tenor.

They also provide pre-approved offers on such credits which simplify the process of application and help save time. You can check your pre-approved offer by sharing only some essential personal details online.

With the help of such resource management tools, organizations can easily track their accounts and better manage their finances. Top accounting software programs are a vital pre-requisite for a business irrespective of its size and field of operations. Every business setup today is required to implement such software into their operational setup.