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Looking Outside of Psychology for your New Career


It can often be disheartening searching for psychology jobs. Like other specialisms in medicine from radiography to OT jobs they’re highly qualified roles and competition is fierce. This is often due to their lack of availability, or for the level of education/experience that is required for the majority of jobs within the field. If you’re finding yourself constantly having to face rejection pursuing these fields, it might be a good time to reconsider your career path. The good news is that a psychology degree (especially if you’ve carried on to Master’s level) can open up a lot of doors outside of the more specific academic route. In this article, we’ll look at a few examples of these different careers you can find, from the expected to the unexpected.

A common route for someone with an education based in psychology is becoming a counsellor. A lot of the similarities are fairly obvious and there would be a lot of organic crossover from one field to the next. Becoming a counsellor allows you to reach a stage where you’re helping people, on a personal one to one level at a much quicker rate than other routes. Most of which would have to involve getting a PhD in psychology.

At the more commercial end of the spectrum, there’ s plenty of opportunity to become a market researcher. Market research is very much concerned with the psychological profiles of customers and potential customers both on a micro and a macro level. Those with a background in psychology can help bridge the gap between psychology and commerce. This can help lead to successful product launches and other enterprises.

There are many aspects of psychology which is about working out and isolating specific areas where conflicts occur. Either within the mind or within the material world. This type of perception can go a long way within human resources. As a lot of the time it is working out specifically why conflicts have occured within the workplace, and working out fair solutions to all parties when this occurs.

Once again, even though in a very different way, like counselling, a career in human resources is embedded with a sense of wanting to help others. In fact many careers that have links to psychology has an aspect of helping and support to them. This can include chaplaincy, life coaching, as an advice worker, mediator, etc. The point is, if you have an urge to help those with your psychology degree, there are many options open to you.