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Reasons Why a Headlamp is the Best Travel Flashlight


Travelling is a passion for many people out there in the world. When your packing your bags in hunting is not in your list you might not think of packing headlamp for your journey but this is the most essential ingredient of a successful adventurous trip.

Walking in the wild forest and getting lost in it after dawn can be mesmerizing but it can always be dangerous on so many other levels. So, for this a good quality headlamp can be your ultimate savior all you need to do is plan your things and trip accordingly. You must know about the gadgets and its usage before you put yourself out there at the mercy of nature.

If hunting is in your adventurous list then you seriously need to consider the options, sources of information to know about the qualities of best headlamps that you must buy in order to be a prey of wild creatures in the forest. Hunting is all about right timing and correct utilization of your available resources in order to enjoy a successful catch.

If you aim to get a perfect spot you must travel through the thick and wild forest encountering all the unexpected weather changes and secure your position for a perfect catch. All this won’t be possible without a good quality headlamp so by now you must have concluded how important it is for your adventurous trip.

Before you invest your money in some ordinary headlamp you must consider exploring about the features and qualities a best headlamp for hunting must have. We have made it a little simple for you to explore and learn about it by highlighting few key characteristics here:

Features you must pay attention to When Buying A Hunting Headlamp:

Every other product has so may alternatives available in the market due to tough competition and every brand promise to deliver so many extra features and quality attributes but the question here is do you really need them all? If you haven’t thought about it as yet maybe you can think now. We are going to make your lives a little easier by telling you about the key attributes that you must consider while making a purchase decision.

1-The crucial ingredient of a successful hunting is Brightness

The entire concept/purpose of headlamp is lighting so you need to make sure your hunting headlamp s adequate enough to provide you constant source of lighting when it is dark. Also don’t forget that as a rule of thumb brightness is always measure in Lumens.

2-Keep a close eye on Battery Life.

We all know how important battery life is especially when you are going out there in a dense wild forest where there might not be any source of instant rescue. So, a bright setting of your headlamp will eventually make your battery end soon. Always remember this while making a purchase decision how long your battery ca last if you opt to use it at full brightness as a rule of thumb it must at least last for 6 hours.

.3-Don’t forget to check the Waterproof feature:

If you are someone who is looking for ne time investment then you must consider buying a waterproof headlamp since it will last for a longer time period and you can have access to the facilities for a little longer as compared to normal ordinary headlamps. The weather is always unexpected so this waterproof gear can be your ultimate support at the time of need.

4-Look out for light Weighted option:

Those of you who have experienced hunting experience must know that carrying heavy weight during your hunting experience can be very tedious task. Especially when you have a situation to wear it over night it can end up giving you pain.

Here is a sneap peak of some best headlamp for hunting

1-Kohree New Head Light.

The best feature about this headlamp is you are able to light up the place up to 500 meters ahead of you so this is the most exciting attribute that you can have in a wild forest when you are out there for hunting.

2- MS Force Headlight.

If you are worried about the dark at the thin and dense forest you don’t need to worry anymore since this specifically design model won’t leave you alone. It has specially design model of 3 Cree LED bulbs to provide the correct path direction.

3-STCT Street Cat.

This is a waterproof headlamp with LED lights that are IPX6 rated. This feature is a reliable partner for you not only for hunting but also for hunting. This LED bulb provides illuminated bright light of somewhat around 160 lumens up to 150m.


Hunting headlamp is a very important gadget that you just have in order to enjoy your hunting experience and to stay safe from nature and all the unseen calamities.