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Stay Healthy! Eat Fruits for Breakfast and Snacks!


Forget about superfoods. All these modern ingredients cost much. Sometimes, when you are traveling to a new country, you want to try something special what locals usually eat. It can be a meat dish, pastry, cocktail, anything. Sometimes you like what you’ve just eaten, sometimes not. But there is nothing to spoil your journey. Do you want to try Rocky mountain oysters? Welcome to Colorado! First of all, take a car at Firefly Denver airport and start your restaurant tour! Any other destination is also available! Till then, you can prepare your organism to taking much food. How? Eat more fruits! By the way, fruits can be easily found in the shop and taken to your journey as a kind of healthy snack.

Schüssel Granola mit Trauben und Pfirsichscheiben


Why eat fruits and vegetables?

Eat more fruits and vegetables! Do you eat? According to the scientific researches, just 1 of 10 people really eats fruits and vegetables every day. These figures speak much. If you want to be healthy, you have to pay much attention to your diet and snacks. Fruits and vegetables are rich in healthy elements, vitamins, minerals. Let’s talk about it!



Peaches and Nectarines

Everybody knows that bananas contain much kalium. What a great new to hear! One big peach or nectarine contains even more kalium than banana. Why do you need kalium? It works on your nerves and considered to be one of the most useful fruits. The skin of peaches is rich in antioxidants and dietary fibers. So, if you keep a diet, peaches can help you to control your weight but add some sweet supplement into your everyday meal. Have a sweet tooth? You can add peaches to your desserts, including pies and ice cream cones.


Do you like pineapples? You can eat them fried, grilled, frozen, dried, or fresh. This is a kind of sweet tropical fruit that is able to prevent heart diseases. Also, this is the best anti-inflammatory agent.


This fruit can be named as the oldest and the smartest one. Eating grapes, you protect your heart from sudden attacks and lower your cholesterol level. Grapes can be a source of calium, ferri. Try to eat more red or purple grapes so that you can get maximum of useful substances.

Day 242 - Photo365 - Grape



Kiwi doesn’t look very tasty and sweet but try to peel it. It is full of C and E vitamins, anti-oxidants. It protects your eyes and figure. No calories, just vitamins and minerals. You can keep kiwi in the fridge up to 4 weeks and even longer.


Mango becomes more and more popular. This sweet and juicy fruit is rich in beta-carotene and strengthen your immune system. What is more, this exotic fruit contains more than 50 % of C vitamin daily doze. It is even more than oranges have! For sure, mango is the best and the most useful fruit ever!


Apples belong to low calories fruits. Nevertheless, apples are full of antioxidants, especially quercetine. Quercetine prevents Alzheimer disease and a high blood pressure. Also, apples are good for the weight loss and good teeth. Don’t peel apples. The cover of the apple is rich in flavonoids which are good for your heart. No more heart attacks for apple lovers!

Green Apple on green background (Flip 2019) (Flip 2019) Flip 2019



Pomegranate juice is famous of its antioxidant qualities. It is better than red wine or green tea. Pomegranates are rich in kalium which gives you more energy and control your blood pressure. How much? It is enough to take no more than ¼ glass of fresh juice daily to low cholesterol and cause positive influence on your cordial system. Of course, pomegranates are very useful for your health. It is better to consult with your doctor about taking pomegranate juice regularly. How about salads? It becomes very popular to add some pomegranate to a fresh salad.


Do you like oranges? Traditionally, oranges are full of C vitamin. Do you believe that grapefruit contains even more C vitamin than oranges? A half of grapefruit contains about 50% of your daily dose of C vitamin and dietary fibres, kalium, and A vitamin. Also, grapefruit can help you to improve your skin quality and hair condition. What is more, it is really tasty and perfect for breakfast.

Ruby for the Morning



Bananas are the best snack ever. They are very comfortable to eat on the go. Bananas are rich in kalium and positive energy. No salt, fats! Bananas are more useful than your favorite energy bar. If you want your bananas live longer you should keep them in the fridge after they are ripe. Don’t worry if the skin is already brown. The fruits are sweet and tasty.

What is your favorite fruit? There are many tasty fruits in the shop. You can pick any of them according to your taste. Anyway, eating fruits every day is good for your health. You feel healthy, strong, full of energy and ready for new experiments.


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