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Why Do You Need to Check Windscreen Before Winter?


Early windscreens were just simple glass that shatters easily when they hit hard objects. Today, windscreens are treated, tempered and laminated glasses that are more durable and stronger. They also have excellent resistance against impacts. When modern windscreens hit hard objects, they tend to crack, instead of shattered into pieces. Despite all the improvements, the windscreen is still one of the more vulnerable parts of your car. When the temperature plunges sharply during the winter, you should make sure that you are prepared to deal with issues associated with windscreens. During the winter, you should have a good scraper inside your car. They should be easily obtained in many auto supply centers. When the windscreen is covered with a thin layer of ice, you should be careful with the defroster. There’s a possibility that the windscreen has a small chip that will become a bigger crack.

In many cases, small chip on your windscreen can be quite expensive to repair. Even the smallest chip could escalate and become a serious problem. During very cold weather, your windscreen will contract into a more concave shape. This will put some pressure to the integrity of your windscreen. Tough windscreen with high density is actually more vulnerable during this situation, because a serious crack may develop. When it happens, you should consider to completely replace the glass. Before the winter arrives, you should go to the glass repair ship to check the condition of your windscreen and car windows. These professionals could find a way to isolate any chip and prevent it from spreading and getting bigger. In some cases, it is better to remove the chipped part, by drilling it. The hole will be filled with a glass plug that will be glued. It’s better to have a small imperfection on your windscreen, then to allow it to become badly cracked during very cold winter.

If it appears that your windscreen needs to be replaced, you should seek certified and trained technicians. These professionals must be highly qualified with ample experience and knowledge. They should know how to handle glass and adhesives. With proper installation, they can guarantee durability, reliability and safety. You may need to check the auto glass shop in your area. Ask plenty of questions and find out whether the windscreen could withstand cold temperature properly. It is a good idea to choose windscreen that’s equipped with sun shading, integrated defrosting system and antenna.

Make sure that the windshield is installed by highly qualified professionals. This will ensure the longevity of your windscreen. Proper installation should contribute greatly to the structural integrity. The windscreen must be shatter-proof to avoid serious injuries during an accident. This should help to keep you safe during any situation. Regardless of the inclement weather, the windshield should be reliable enough and can protect you against very cold weather. By being aware about the condition of your windscreen, you can avoid spending a lot of money, due to badly cracked windscreen during a very cold winter.