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3 Ways Your Industrial Plant Layout Can Promote Energy Efficiency


Planning a new plant layout can be daunting. Not only will you need to make sure you have the space necessary for your equipment, inventory and people, you will want to make the layout as efficient as possible to conserve the energy you burn in your daily manufacturing process.

Construction Options


To build quickly and safely, a metal framed building is the fastest way to get from concrete slab to roof beam. Working with a commercial architect or engineer to determine the construction style best suited to your needs is critical. Once you have the layout confirmed, a quality Ready Steel supplier can help you put together the most cost effective bundle of structural steel.

Review your fastener needs with your construction engineer before the slab is poured. Your metal framed building may be able to be mounted directly to a cured slab, or you may need some framing members to be mounted inside the concrete pour.

Comfort for Your Employees


How much open space will you need, and where will you store raw materials and finished product? Heat rises. Many manufacturing facilities with storage on the upper levels can become dangerously hot. This heat can be challenging for employees and may ruin product over long term storage. Consider investing in a pick-ticket system that makes moving inventory or raw goods as efficient as possible to avoid heat exposure.

If your business requires any packaging on-site, consider creating a manufacturing area for shipping that has a lowered ceiling so the room can be cooled or heated effectively.

Storage and Transport


Your layout must include easy access for forklifts if you plan to store product on the mezzanine. Additionally, depending on the weight of the product in high storage, you may need to purchase a new forklift or lay tracks in the concrete floor for special lifting tools. Consider all safety requirements when determining your maximum roof height and your storage needs at the highest shelving levels.

Additionally, your new building will likely include new or relocated machinery. What clearance will these tools need? How will you get product to these machines? Will you need any crane access to these tools, or are your products able to be lifted on a forklift or other floor-based tool?

Your new building is a great time to take a serious look at your product line and how you want to grow it. Prepare for bigger things with a new steel-framed building.


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