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4 Ways to Cool the Hot Spots in Your Home


Staying cool and comfortable indoors is easier said than done in some cases. When outdoor temperatures skyrocket, you may be faced with an increasingly uncomfortable indoor environment as well. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to choose from several options to target the hot spots in your home that aren’t getting sufficiently cooled by your air conditioner.

Block the Sun

If a few areas in your home are uncomfortably warm because of direct sunlight, you’ve likely already thought to close the blinds when the sun is shining through the windows. An additional step would be to invest in solar drapes or tint the windows to reduce the effects of solar heating even further. If you’re looking for something that will block the sun and add some character to your home’s exterior, you may want to consider installing awnings or planting bushes that can block some of the sun from coming in through your windows.

Turn on the Ceiling Fans

Another idea is to use your home’s ceiling fans to better circulate the cooler air from other rooms into the warmer areas of your house. Ceiling fans are relatively inexpensive to run around-the-clock and can help your home’s cooling system function more efficiently. When you leave the doors to all bedrooms and living areas open, the benefits of ceiling fans can be more pronounced. If you need additional help staying cool in a specific room, consider investing in a second fan, like a box fan or tabletop fan. Remember to check that your ceiling fans are spinning the correct way. Fans should turn counter clockwise in the summer to blow air down (while they should turn clockwise in the winter to pull air up).

Service Your AC Unit

If your central air conditioning unit is not keeping up with your demands regardless of weather conditions outdoors, this may be a sign that you need to schedule AC service. Central AC units may struggle when their components are dirty or worn out. They may need an air filter replacement, or it may be time to upgrade to a new thermostat. When you schedule AC service, a technician can provide you with specific advice tailored to your home’s needs.

Use a Window Unit

An alternative to a central AC system is a window unit. These units are designed to cool a small area, so a single unit won’t work in cooling your entire house. However, this can be a good option for cooling a particularly warm room, like one with a eastern or western facing window or one that it is on the top floor of your home.

Staying cool all summer is a serious matter. You understandably want to remain comfortable indoors, but your efforts to maintain an ideal temperature in your home can impact the well-being of everyone in the home as well. Whether you are struggling to keep one area of the home cool or if you need help with cooling the entire home, use these effective tips to improve your living environment.