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How to keep your Vinyl Records Safe: 5 Simple tips and tricks


Digital music mediums may have hogged the spotlight, but vinyl records aren’t still ready to ride off into the sunset just yet. This may sound surprising to you, but the facts indicate that the number of vinyl keepers is increasing each day and over the last couple of years, vinyl records sales have increased dramatically.

Vinyl enthusiasts claim that the sound quality offered by vinyl records is unmatchable. But in order to get the most optimal sound quality, you must carefully store your disks. If you are interested in keeping vinyl records but have no clue about vinyl storage and how to keep them safe and secure, don’t worry, we have git you covered.

In this article, I am going to list down 5 simple trips and hacks to keep your vinyl records safe and secure.


  1. Clean Vinyl Records Before Putting Them in The Cases

It is always a good practice to clean the vinyl records prior you put them in the case. However, never ever use T- shirt or any other shirt for the purpose as it can harm the outer layer of the vinyl disk. Thankfully, there are right tools available for the job.

If you are a proper vinyl keeper, it is wise to invest in a good record cleaning brush. Record cleaning brushes are easily available online and are the best way to remove all the dust that may appear on the disk. In cases, if your record requires more thorough cleaning, you can also opt for a vinyl-cleaning solution.

  1. Keep the Records in the Album Jackets

When your record is not being played, it should be in its jacket. Once you are done with listening to the record, gently clean it with a brush and carefully place it back in the jacket. If you don’t follow the practice, the dust and dirt will slowly accumulate on the records which can certainly impact the quality of the sound.


  1. Always keep the Vinyl Collection in an Upright Position

Never ever place your vinyl collection in the horizontal position. The best way that helps them in maintaining a good condition to store the record in an upright position. Storing the cases in slant position is also risky as the record can get damaged because of the uneven pressure placed on it. Using crate dividers can be a good practice and they keep the records tightly upright with little or no slanting.


  1. Carefully Stack Your Records.

Even if you place all your disks in jackets, they are at a risk of damage if you stack the collection for an extended period of time.  This is because the weight can cause wrapping of vinyl and may even lead to cracks and scuff marks. You must carefully stack the records and ensure that the disks at the bottom do not have to bear much pressure.

  1. Keep Them Cool and Dry

You might not consider it something that important but the vinyl veterans strictly recommend that the records much be kept away from heat and direct light. The recommended temperature is 65-70 degrees. Also watch for humidity as higher humidity levels can also harm your records. You can look for a climate-controlled unit as it can help you ensure the ability to spin when placed in self-storage for years to come.