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5 Useful Tips For Long Distance Moving From One Place to Another

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Tips For Long Distance Moving.

Moving to a new house always fills you up with excitement until you have to do all the chores that it requires. Here are a few tips on helping you out during your next long-distance move.

long distance moving tips

1- Start Early.

The best thing that you can do when planning a long-distance move, is to give yourself a head start and start planning for quite a while before the move. A long-distance move is not a minor event in your life and needs keen attention.

You need to be absolutely certain that you will be available with reputed long-distance movers at the time of your move, so start making bookings at least a month or two before the final move to settle your doubts and worries.

2- Avoid Scams.

Another thing to be wary of during your move is to avoid having business with move brokers. Move brokers are the people who usually hire the cheapest mover in your area while charging you with money quite above that to get their own cut.

The best way to figure out between a mover and broker is to call them for an in-home inspection. An in-home inspection is when a mover comes to your house and notes all the things that need to be moved and gives you an accurate estimate in the end. A broker is always going to avoid an in-home inspection.

3- Downsize.

When you are planning to long-distance moving and hiring a professional company for it, the moving cost that you are going to pay will depend highly on the weight of the shipment that you are going to make. This is why it is always a good idea to downsize before planning on your next long-distance move.

There is always material in the house that you wouldn’t need in the house. You need to carry out an extensive survey and take out the things that you think you will not need when you shift to the new place. You can either give them out to a charity or even hold a garage sale to get some money on your hands.

4- Map Out Your House.

Going to your new house (the place where you are planning to move) and mapping out where everything will go is often the best way to do things, especially the furniture. if you are moving from a spacious house to a smaller one, chances are that all of your furniture might not fit in.

Houses with narrow stars and tight corners will not permit big furniture like a king-sized bed going through them. And even if you somehow do manage to get all your furniture in, it will probably look like a much-crowded place.

Once you have made a visit to your new house and mapped out everything, you can now come back and decide what goes where. And you can also get rid of the additional furniture in time before the move if you think it is not going to be a good fit.

5- Label Everything.

The more cautious and organized you are going to be in the packing of your house, the better and easier it is going to be while unpacking it. If you are planning on doing all the packing by yourself, you need to make sure you properly categorize and label everything you put in the boxes.

Marking items with room names on top of it is going to make it even easier for you to settle in your new house. This way you will have all the items of say, the dining room in the dining room, and the bedroom in the bedroom.