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What are the Main Benefits of Using Kaolin Clay?

Using Kaolin Clay

Kaolin clay is a kind of fluffy white clay that is used to create a lush smooth paste after mixing with clay. The kaolin clay is also known as the China clay, though it can be mined all across the world. This clay is very commonly used in making commercial masks, cleansers, and cosmetics. Clay masks are considered as very beneficial as they are highly absorptive. This means Kaolin clay is great for people with oily skin and gentle enough for all skin types.

In this guide, we are covering the main benefits of using white kaolin clay which is mostly for beauty and cosmetic purposes.

What is Kaolin Clay?

Kaolin clay is a mineral called Kaolinite which is a very easily available mineral. Another name of this clay is the White China Clay. This is also known as the Kao-ling which is named after the mountain in Jiangxi province of China where Kaolin has been well known. This unique name is derived from the word Gaoling which means high ridge.

What are the Benefits of Kaolin Clay?

  1. Cleansing

Kaolin clay is great for cleansing skin as it absorbs bacteria from your skin. But the clay is not anti-bacterial and it cannot kill bacteria. Kaolin effectively absorbs the excess oils, secretions, and toxins from the skin. This clay does a wonderful job of cleaning your skin properly. Kaolin is considered as a natural cleanser and gently removes impurities from the skin. On the other hand, various other cleansers often contain harsh surfactants to deeply clean the skin that can affect your skin. Some cleansers are also highly alkaline and that leads to the imbalance of the natural acid mantle protective barrier.

  1. Exfoliating

This clay is also very effective in good exfoliation of the skin. The aluminum silicate present in kaolin clay is not completely absorbed by water. This then leads to the gentle exfoliation that removes the dead skin cells from your skin. Simply apply the Kaolin face mask gently in wide circular motions with your fingertips. Always massage your skin up and out to ensure the quality of your skin.

  1. Fights Acne

Kaolin clay easily absorbs impurities from your pores and excess oils from your skin that helps in preventing acne. Acne is mostly caused by dead skin cells when dirt and oils get trapped in your pores. Therefore, it is very important to keep your pores clean so that bacteria stay away from your skin. Kaolin clay is very effective in fighting skin acne.

  1. Reduce Excess Shine

Kaolin clay is highly effective in absorbing excess oil from the skin. The best thing is that it gently removes excess oil from your skin by absorbing the oil. So, if you experience redness on the face then you should use it right away. It will help to remove excess oil and regulate oil production. This will eliminate the excess shine from your face.

  1. Improve Skin Circulation

Just like facial massages, clay is also considered to increase skin circulation. It stimulates your skin lymph nodes by eliminating the dead skin cells. Kaolin clay also clean cells and improves oxygen by enhancing the delivery of oxygen and nutrients. Kaolin clay is a gentle exfoliator that promotes skin circulation which is highly essential for healthy skin.

On the Ending Note

Use high-quality white Kaolin clay to get the maximum benefits. You should use kaolin clay at least twice in a month to maintain the quality of your skin. Look for different manufacturers of the clay and then choose the best one by comparing different brands.