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6 Great Fake Wood Flooring Options

6 Great Fake Wood Flooring Options

If you want an ecological solution to your home decorating, fake wood is an excellent option. It is not made of real wood and it is nature friendly since it doesn’t go against the environment. However, it is very aesthetically pleasing since it looks like real food and comes in different colors. The options are various nowadays and real wood becomes somehow redundant although there are some natural and sustainable replacements for wood that will be considered furthermore in this article.

Luxury vinyl

Vinyl is an alternative to hardwood that has gained a lot of popularity. It owes its popularity to being extremely realistic compared to authentic wood. It is covered by one top layer that protects it. Luxury vinyl has a special layer that even imitates the wood grain which makes it look even more realistic. Its other benefits are durability, affordable price, and a high range of colors which makes it adaptable to any home decor.

Wood-look tiles

Tiles that imitate natural wood are another excellent choice. Their big benefit is the functionality and they are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms despite the moisture that those places usually bring. They can be of porcelain or stone, which exactly is what makes them so resistant to spills, humidity, stains, etc. If we add a low price and high resilience, then we get a very good quality-price product. Its installation is easy as well, and they are to be considered for outdoor decoration as well in case you need a floor for your terrace or patio.


Laminate sounds familiar to everyone since it is one of the most famous alternatives to real wood. Long ago it was considered to be a cheap substitute for wood but it has become much more durable and its quality has increased significantly. The laminate flooring these days offers different shades of wood, affordable prices, and a couple of other benefits that we will mention in continuation.

Laminate consists of rigid plywood or fiberboard base layer, another layer that is photo-realistic and can imitate everything, and a “wear layer” that makes it very resistible and is added for scratch protection. As you can see, the laminate nowadays is still affordable and very easy to install, but today it is also of high-quality material and very durable. It resists stains and is suitable for kids or pets.


Bamboo is a sustainable material since it grows very fast, which makes it both natural and ecological. One of the largest members of the grass family is an excellent replacement for wood since it is a plant after all. You should pay attention not to buy products of non-certified bamboo though, since it could have been harvested illegally. Bamboo is interesting because it can come in different designs. It can be vertical, horizontal, strand woven, and so on.


Cork comes from cork trees but the tree doesn’t have to be cut to obtain it. Cork is harvested from the bark of the cork oaks. Sometimes when wine corks are made, there are remnants of cork that are later used to make the flooring. The benefits of cork are that it is a self-repairing material and very resistant to scratches which makes it a good choice in case you have pets or very small kids. It is easy on the joints and mold resistant. If you have a hard underlayment, it can ease up your step.


Hemp belongs to more innovative options when it comes to fake wood flooring. Very durable and nice-looking veneers are obtained from hemp wood that is made by binding hemp stalks with a soy-based resin. The final result is high-quality plywood. This option is even better than bamboo since hemp can grow much faster and it is, thus, more sustainable. Its resistance is unquestionable as well.

Home decoration can be both exhausting and a wonderful task. Make sure you choose the durable and eco-friendly flooring option so that your floor lasts long and gives a nice touch to your home. Take into consideration your budget, the presence of kids or pets in the house, and the characteristics of the material. Each one of them has its benefits but it is up to you to check out what you are looking for. If you want something natural, we provide you with information on sustainable alternatives to wood. However, if you want a completely ecological solution, then the first three options are to be considered.


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