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6 Great and Stylish Design Ideas For A Modern House

6 Great and Stylish Design Ideas For A Modern House

Modern house design doesn’t necessarily have to look like something that just fell out of a sci-fi movie. Although Matrix 4 is coming to Australia soon, you can take queues from other sources. Aiming for that hip, modern look for your home is achieved by, actually, combining the old and the new. Modern doesn’t necessarily mean neon, metal, chrome, and devoid of colors. While some of these are present, they are not alone, as you are encouraged to mix and match till your hearth content.

Modern designs are fusions of different styles. Mostly past styles that are blended with new outtakes, to create something new, daring, and bold. Think of this as a more innovative and refreshing take on some traditional and stale design choices. Then apply the same to your home. Walking in, day in, day out, to the same old house can be stale and depressing so, it’s about time to liven up the place. You can still keep the spirit and the original intent of your house but infuse it with fresh, modern energy.

A change of scenery is always nice and welcomed anywhere. Without further ado, we present to you some design ideas for rooms and individual set pieces, mixed not shaken, so that you may pick and adapt to your personal preference.

1. In with the Old and the New

Changing something can lead to, well, obviously, new things like the title of this paragraph. You can think of your new, modern design as a sort of cooking process. In cooking, you have traditional recipes for meals. It is possible to change one thing, add something, mix up the spices and create an entirely new dish. Well, the same principle applies here. Let’s say you have a bunch of cool new metal, sleek dining chairs. Bunch them up around a wooden table. Or vice versa.

While we are in the kitchen, maybe you just installed state-of-the-art appliances with hip kitchen elements on the wall. Insert a marble countertop, if possible, for a more classic look. Your living room can have black and white tones for the minimalistic (more on this later) look. Just throw a speck of color into it. Chose some more bold colors like orange, red, or yellow, maybe for the pillows or chairs, and your living room will stand out and get renewed. Modern doesn’t mean depressing but rather never before seen, innovative, fresh, and unforgettable.

2. Minimal items for Maximum Impression

Minimalism can do a lot for any design choice. It saves you money, as you don’t break the bank to buy every single, unnecessary, little trinket that you don’t need. Time is also saved as you don’t have to drive around busy Canberra (or about any other Australian big cities) during rush hours. Also, there is no stress and hustle from picking and choosing more furniture to cram into already filled rooms. Minimalism is about exposing key elements in a room to their maximum potential.

For example, your bedroom. The centerpiece is, obviously, your bed. Add a closet next to it and, bam, done. Now, you can build around these and remove anything that gets in your way. This last part is key. Your dining and living rooms are usually filled with furniture, items, and bits that really shouldn’t be there. By removing them, you let the room breathe. This is the point of modern design.

3. Design for Maximum Pampering

A modern way of life treats your home as a bastion from the outside. Your haven, a piece of land you can call your own. Since our modern way of life has provided us with countless luxuries. Anything can be googled and brought to your doorstep in a relatively short amount of time. The point is, you don’t have to leave your home (maybe for your job if you don’t work from home) and so you should design it to be as comfortable as possible. One room in your home can be a dedicated gym room.

Why drive and pay for one and adjust your day according to their schedule when you can have one under your roof? An array of gym equipment and machines can be put there so that you stay fit and healthy. Wall mirrors, A/C, surround systems for the inspirative music, so spoil yourself here. And after you are done, there is no need to book or call a masseur. Cheap, affordable, and modern massage chairs can fit into any home gym with all of the benefits of a trained professional, minus the hustle. They are also multi-practical as you can read in them, for example.

Or put a TV in front and watch whatever you wish as the chair relaxes every muscle in your body. Modern design makes the machines spoil you.

4. Clean up the Tech

We were just talking about using a lot of tech items, so it’s worth noting an important aspect of modern design choices. Namely, technology should blend in and not stand out. While it is everywhere in our home, what also accompanies them are the endless cables. Look at your TV, surround system, computers, cooking appliances, etc. All those cables are an eyesore and, hiding them or making them blend in makes the space clean and tidy.

Wireless appliances are a saving grace here and, you won’t be tripping over cables everywhere. It also makes cleaning easier as fewer things can get entwined in them. Your technological appliances should blend in and become a seamless part of your new modern design, not occupy it. Also, we will touch upon this later, but consider implementing appliances that can double down as multiple others. The tech that has multiple appliances build in saves valuable space and money as you don’t need to buy other stuff and cram them together.

5. Contemporary Modern Design

To not complicate things, contemporary design means taking certain design choices and elements from the past and reinvigorate them. Almost everything from the period of 1930 till the 1980s is subject to modernization. Examples are numerous and, some of the easiest methods are to take an old element and refurbish it with new materials. Some elements were simply technologically challenged and lacking in their time. Now, you can refresh them with the tech we have present.

Examples of contemporary design also include clean, open floors in your rooms. As far and wide as possible, the goal is to create as much open space as you can. While we are on the subject, open floor plans are one more great example of this. If possible, redesigning your house with fewer walls, obstacles, and separations from your rooms is key in this design. That way nothing breaks the flow of the house, you let the energy flow and, it makes the whole house breathe. Which is ideal for Australian weather. Just imagine preparing dinner in the kitchen while watching and being part of the chatter in the living room.

6. Multi Practical Objects

In striving to achieve minimalism, you eliminated lots of things along the way. While rooms still need to be functional, there are simply some items that have to be present in them, which can add up. Innovative multi-practical design is the savior in this case. Only limited by your imagination, this is the center of modern design. Blending multiple objects into one, while retaining all of the functionalities. We will give you some examples to get you going.

Let’s say you have a home library and a chair next to it. Build-in Bookcases with an area beneath on which you can lie down or sit and read. With all of the books at your fingertips. A staircase that doubles down as drawers for whatever you want to put into them. Adjustable tables where you can eat alone, and then expand them for your family meals, and then further expand for a party table. For a modern design, you need a modern way of thinking outside the box, so you can put as many items as you can inside the box. Take a look at your home and ask yourself what can double down as one more thing.

Creating and designing modern homes means doing something that will stand out. As technical innovation happens, breakthroughs in it do just that. While this may seem daunting at first but, it isn’t so in practical terms. Your home design can be unique just by you doing what you want. Design for your needs and how you think is best. Listen to your instinct as they are there for a reason. After all, you are living and will be living in your home. It only makes sense that you know what you like and what is best.

Do just that and, the results will follow and unfold before your eyes. As you step inside your new home, you will catch a breeze of fresh air, as it should happen. Your new modern design will awe the guests and maybe even inspire others to copy your style. All you need to do now is to get started on making your vision a reality.


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