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Be Cool&Edgy! How To Pick THE BEST INTERIOR For Your Rental Car!


Tell me, when you take the car for rent, do you pay attention to its color? Of course, the color of the vehicle always means much. And it is not about the car exterior only. Do you pay attention to the car interior? And why is the interior color of your rental car important? If you are an experienced traveler and often travel from one country to another, you must be choosy when it comes to renting a car. For example, traveling through Mexico you can take the cheapest convertible Fiat 500. The car red interior just ruins it for clients! Perhaps red interior works better on something more exclusive. Convertible car rental in Cancun has a big choice of convertible cars. They are popular in Mexico. But your wonderful super swanky Lexus LC500 car can be spoiled by those awful red seats.

Red Car Interior



So many men, so many minds. Of course, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to colors and coloring. So, here are some of the most popular car interior colors you often meet at the rental counter.

  • Pick black

When selecting the car with the best interior, check if it suits your car exterior first. Black is a universal color that collaborates with any exteriors. It is a perfect color to mask dirty spots and other defects. Black is good when travel with kids or pets. But, there is a conception that black color absorbs heat and it is not good to drive black convertible in hot weather.

  • Pick pale colors

Light and cream colors are also popular. Nevertheless, many people think they are difficult to clean but very attractive and may not absorb heat. People pick white and pale colors when it comes to elegance and luxury. These colors are good for visiting rich restaurants and brand presentations. All natural colors are pleasant and you can easily combine black and white in your interior to look bright and nontypical.

2008 Porsche 997 C4S White Blue Targa Tip Coupe Vertexauto.com Interior 10

  • Pick grey and tan

If you don’t like extremely dark or light colors you can pick something between them. How about grey interior? Grey and tan colors can be a good compromise if you want your car looks elegant but simple at the same time. This is a kind of safe color that suits to any cars and situations. People often pick grey for long distance traveling.



If you believe that the car interior shows your personality, you should know how to pick it right. Of course, it often happens that you just have no time and possibility to pick the interior color of your rental car. People pay more attention to the rental price than to the car interior. But if you want to be special and use every effort to feel comfortable during the trip and impress your friends and wider public, you’d better learn how to pick the right car.

  1. Go with your inner voice

Of course, you often take the pot luck if the choice of rental cars is not big. But if the choice is big and you have some time to choose the best car, go with your inner voice. As a rule, your car interior speaks about your preferences, inspiration. Pick something that suits your activity the most and something that suits your inner condition.it may be a combination of two or three colors. Don’t go with extremely bright or pail tones. Pick something between them.

  1. Consider safety and visibility

Do you know that black cars are hard-to-see at night? From the other hand, white and blue have high risk at daylight. Try to pick the color that perfectly suits you driving season, weather, environment. Your safety goes first.

Plymouth Barracuda - White Leather Interior

  1. Match interior and exterior

The most important rule to get the best interior car color is to collaborate with its exterior. It is intolerable to match the blue interior with the bright red car. Of course, it doesn’t mean that your white car must be white inside and out. Just try to pick the best winning combinations. How about picking black and grey or white and beige?

  1. If you still can’t decide, go with neutral

If you feel like you can’t decide which color suits you the most, it is better to choose something neutral. How about picking one of base colors, including yellow, blue, and cream always work well?

If you are not sure what to choose, try to find more information about it on the websites. Remember popular color schemes you may always use when you are not sure. Thus, black and grey, red and black, silver and black always look perfect. You are not limited in your choice. But if you have no choice at all, try to pick the best of what you have.