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TOP 6 Cheap Ways of Getting Around Clearwater Island


The winter is here. You are eager to find a good place to prolong summer days and spend your winter weekend in a warm and pleasant climate. Florida is a tasty destination for winter tourists. People come here in the period of November and May to enjoy their beach vacation to the full. You can’t go traveling without a car. Florida is a region of great rental deals and interesting offers. Where are you going? ACE car rental in St Petersburg, FL gives a wide choice of cars taking you in many different directions. You can find rental locations all over the city and in all major cities of Florida. Therefore, you can pick one way rental to make your trip even more comfortable.

Color of the beach


Why do you need a car in Florida? This bright and sunny state has much to offer. With a variety of rental spots, you can start your trip from where you want. How about Miami? If you don’t like big and noisy cities, you should start your trip from St. Petersburg and spend few relaxing days at the beach. Save your time! If you don’t have much time for your vacation you can use a unique rental opportunity – one-way car rental. Take the car in one city and return it to another!

Houthaven ferry, Amsterdam


Honestly speaking, you always wanted to leave your rental car at the parking spot and blend into the crowd. Of course, you wouldn’t go far without your wheels, but it would be really cool and informative to join in one of free city tours or ride a ferry. It makes you think outside of your car wheels. You can see things and places you would never notice when riding a car. Besides, most of the local trolleys are really adorable!

  1. Ride Trolley

There are three different trolley lines in St Petersburg. You can check the route on the website or find this information in the tourist brochure. Going to the Clearwater beach, you can take a Jolley trolley. Going to downtown, you should check the Looper Trolley schedule. A full day pass will cost you about $4-5.


  1. Take Ferry

There is nothing more romantic than riding a ferry. You can leave your car at one of the downtown parking garages and take a ferry to Clearwater Beach. The trip will cost you about $10 per person. There is a pleasant bonus you should know about! Luckily, free dolphins sightings are included. Is that all? Riding a ferry, you can explore the island on every side. How about the idea to get to the historic lighthouse, ancient ruins and secret bird places? If you like camping, you can rent a tent and all necessary camp gear and spend the night on the island!

Schwinn Tailwind Electric Assit bike

  1. Ride Electric Bike

Electric bikes are the easiest way of traveling through the city if you are not a good rider. Minimum speed is enough for you to get from Dunedin or St. Petersburg to any of the scenic Pinellas Trails. By the way, you can buy the map right here! Check the route and go riding! If you want you can stop your bike and hold a picnic in the roadside park or just at the beach. The rental price starts from $25 per hour.

  1. Ride Bike

Of course, electric bicycles are more expensive than usual mechanic bikes. That’s why if you feel like you are a good rider and have enough time to spend for traveling, you should try to ride a bike. It is very comfortable to get to the shop or explore one of Clearwater’s charming trails and beach lines.

Tour of St. Martin's via 'Scoot Coupe'

  1. Rent Scoot Coupe

This way of traveling around the city may be very interesting for your kids. This is the funniest way to get from one place to another along the beach. A small two-person car is bright and maneuring. Just pick the color you like and go on! Remember that you need a valid driving license and a credit card to ride a scoot coupe. It’s like driving a real car but must easier and funnier.

  1. Take Free City Tour

Traveling through the city you can see many bright cars, SUVs, mini buses with attractive sighs FREE TOURS on their sides. You heard that right! You can join in one of many free city tours and get to your next destination easily.

There is always an opportunity to explore the city in your own way. It’s ok if you leave your car for some time to change the way of transportation and visit as many interesting places as possible. Go to the downtown museum, visit beach restaurants, hold a family picnic in the park. Remember, you must be creative and flexible in your traveling.