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Briggs & Stratton Standby Generators Can Be Customized To Meet Your Needs

Briggs & Stratton Standby Generators Can Be Customized To Meet Your Needs

A standby generator ensures you are not left without power under any circumstances. When grid power fails it can mean big losses for small businesses. If power is out for 10-15 hours all the food in the freezer will thaw out. The perishables in the fridge will also rot. If you are a food service establishment a reliable generator of the right capacity is essential for your establishment.

For a small set up the 20kW models will be ideal. It will run an AC, your refrigerators, and the freezer along with all the lights. Choose a model that runs on LPV and natural gas. These generators use synthetic oil and therefore the engine lasts longer. The engine stays cool and clean for enhanced durability and performance.

Symphony Power II manages the entire load including the high and low wattage items. It works for the whole house and the workplace efficiently. You do not have to worry about the low wattage items when adding more high wattage items as it prevents the engine from shutting down in the event of an overload. The newer models come with an advanced voltage regulation system that protects your appliances. Voltage spikes are bad for your appliances as they can get damaged.

The new AVR has tighter control over voltage and allows the generator to give optimal performance. The power that is produced is clean and reliable due to the improved frequency regulation. The 3-stage (bulk, absorption, and float stage) battery charger makes the battery more durable.

Briggs & Stratton standby generators come with an LCD that displays multi-line text and graphics. This makes checking the status of the generator easy. At a glance you can tell the oil level is low and add more oil. All generators need to have some exercise and the Briggs & Stratton generators have a default exercise cycle setting of 16 seconds. In the exercise mode, the engine runs at low speed to save you fuel. When the weather is cold, there can be moisture build-up in the engine. These generators are designed to monitor the cold temperatures to prevent such buildup in engine oil. Briggs & Stratton full synthetic generator oil protects the engine from sludge buildup and high-temperature deposits.

Briggs & Stratton standby generators are easy to install and maintain. You can install them as close as 18″ to a structure. The hinged roof and removable side panels allow for quick access to the engine and alternator.

The rustproof enclosure and base make the generators more durable. They are perfect for installation in the seaside environments. The use of automotive-grade galvanneal steel and aluminum makes the casing rust proof. The attractive casing has special powder-coated paint so it can be protected for decades to come. During the hurricanes, winds can blow as hard as 175mph. The casing is designed to withstand such hurricane-force winds.

Briggs & Stratton generators come equipped with commercial-grade engines for high performance and heavy-duty. The commercial Vanguard engines allow for easy conversion between natural gas and liquid propane vapor during installation.

For your house choose a whole-house model that comes with an ATS. These days you can choose a 16-circuit ATS to meet your needs. ATS ensures smooth and safe operations without any feedback. If you have a large house and run more than 3 air-conditioners choose a high capacity model. For a small house, a 16kW model will be sufficient it will run one to two air conditioners and all your basic appliances. You do not have to worry about getting up and turning the unit on when you get an ATS. The generators will automatically continue to supply power to your home appliances once grid power fails. It senses the utility power outage and commands the generator to begin to function.

The cost of Briggs & Stratton generators is comparatively lower and you can find some very good inverter models with them as well. Inverters are quieter and use less fuel. They are also compacter in size as compared to the conventional generators.

Some models come with a transfer switch while others do not. If you like a model that does not come with an ATS you can always buy it separately. The Wi-Fi functionality allows users to keep connected with their units. You can check the status of your generator from cell phones, tablets, laptops, and PCs. Check alerts, track generator utilization, or send reminders to the dealers to make sure your unit is ready for the next blackout.

When you plan to buy a generator check online and search for the better dealers in your neighborhood. If you like a model that is beyond your budget you can get easy financing. A generator is a necessity for areas that are storm-prone and where grid power failure is common due to heavy loads. Buy the right fit for your needs after you get some professional consultation. Online dealers have a chat facility on their websites that you can use to ask questions and get clarifications. Your generator can be customized to your home’s needs.