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Four Ways to Market Your Law Firms


Marketing your law firm can be quite time consuming, costly and challenging. If you do it improperly, you may spend a fortune on ineffective and overpriced advertisement that brings little result. As an example, traditional phone book is no longer as much today, because people can immediately look for local law firms in the area using mapping solutions, like Google Map, with their smartphones. The prettiest ads may not always help you to get more clients, if you have low reputation in the area. Also, by being the cheapest attorney in the area, you will need to work harder to handle multiple clients to cover the bills. Here are things you should do:

  1. Implement client-centric attitude: Any exceptional service is client-centric, based on honest work ethic and integrity. In fact, if you can’t meet the requirements of a prospective client, you should refer him/her to an attorney who specialized on the right field. By being ethical, you should be honest if you are not the best legal solution for someone. If you don’t mislead anyone and point people to the right direction, you will become the respected legal expert. Also make sure that you call the lawyer who you refer to. This is an excellent way to establish a network and there’s a good chance that lawyer will refer back to you. Not only you are building reputation in the local area, you can also build relationships with other lawyers in the area who can help you back.
  2. Focus on unique personality and special niche: It’s clear that no law firm is the same. You should try to differentiate yourself by being unique and focusing on a special niche. By being unique, you should be able to stand out from others. You will also be able to attract a niche market, filled with potential customers, who are not served well by existing legal professionals.
  3. Ask for testimonials: After you do hard work for clients and bring them satisfactory results, then clients will be happy to provide more than just a brief testimonial. Adding short reviews in Google Map, Facebook and official website can help to encourage other potential clients to seek you out. If you have decent editing skill, you can also record a short video and upload it on YouTube. It’s a common practice for potential clients to check testimonials and whether they are genuine. So, faking them can really hurt your reputation.
  4. Improve your website and business cards: These are basic marketing tools that you need. If you think that your website looks outdated, check the websites of top law firms in your area. Look for design patterns and instead of copying them, you need to be creative by modifying or even improving them. You should also do the same with business cards. Often, you will find that websites and business cards of successful competing law firms appear simple, straightforward, but quite elegant and stylish. They can bring out great first impression among potential clients.