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How to Negotiate with Car Dealers?


Dealing with car dealers can be quite tricky, as you need to negotiate and haggle really hard. This is a game that you shouldn’t lose. If you fail, it is possible that you will end up spending much more money than necessary. For many people, negotiating for the right price can be quite uncomfortable. The key is to understand your level of comfort and confidence. During the negotiation process, you need to go beyond your comfort level and you should know how much you are willing to go. You will become more confident if you have prepared yourself. You need to do a lot of research on the potential car models that you are interested in. You should understand their details and the current market price. If a car seems to have a few features missing, you will know about. Also, if a car is being offered above the market price, you will know that as well.

Car dealers seek to get a profit margin of up to 20 percent. However, with relentless negotiation, you may reduce it to 10 percent. You should show to the dealer that you know what you want. If they notice that you have ample knowledge about the car and the average price, their negotiation capability will diminish greatly. During the negotiation process, you shouldn’t allow your emotion to get the best of you. It is important to be rational and stick to the market price. The price of the car can change, depending whether there are a few extra features or if some features are missing. You shouldn’t negotiate when you are being mentally beaten down and you are tired. Know that you have one big advantage of being able to leave the dealership any time you want. So, if you can’t negotiate the right price, you can always find a new dealership.

Car dealers also need to be competitive, so you should encourage them to give you the best possible price. You can pressure that car dealer by showing him prices that you get previously from other dealerships. This will help to urge the car dealer to give you much better pricing. Because they are eager to sell the car, it is possible that the dealership will agree. Just by using common sense, you should be able to control the negotiation. Say openly that you are more likely to purchase a car from specific dealership, simply because you can potentially get the best prices possible. You should show that you are being very serious about this. An important strategy is that you shouldn’t negotiate based on the sticker price. It should always be based on average market price and try to get lower prices than that. It is a bad idea to tell the dealer about the amount of monthly payment that you are willing to pay. In summary, you should always do you research and you will be able to find your confidence. Eventually, you will be able to go beyond your comfort level.


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