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How to Drive Safely in All Conditions?


Good drivers should know how to drive safely, regardless of the condition of the road. It is essential to ensure that you can stay safe regardless of what happen. The basic challenge is when the sun is setting down. During dusk, your visibility will not be as good as during the day. You should make sure that your eyes can respond well to the low light condition. If you believe that your eyes are not yet accustomed to the condition, you should be particularly alert and reduce speed. It is also important for you to ensure that you can drive safely during the night. When driving at night, you should be careful of dark colored objects. They will become less visible, because they blend with the dark background. If you are not sure about your surroundings, it is important for you to drive slowly. You need to use low and high beams alternately so you can see what’s in front of you clearly. Always assume that there are pedestrians with dark clothes if you drive in sub urban or rural areas. You shouldn’t think that everything is perfectly safe, so that you can drive fast.

If you want to drive safely, it is important for you to know how to extensively peripheral vision. It is not a good thing if your central vision is too narrow. If your attention and concentration are poor, the effectiveness of your peripheral vision will be reduced. It takes some time before your eyes become more accustomed to the low light condition. It may take up to 100 percent of driving before your night vision reaches an optimum level. When meeting a car, you should avoid looking directly to its headlight, because this will impair your night vision. You should look at the side of the road and use your peripheral vision to sense the movement of the car.  You won’t be able to become more efficient during night driving if you are being tired, so you should rest immediately.

During the night, it will be quite difficult to judge distance. In many cases, you will start to underestimate the distance and this could prove very dangerous. It would be safer if you consciously overestimate your speed and overestimate your distance. This will allow you to drive slowly and become more careful. Many drivers tend to follow a car in front of them when driving at night. This is actually a good thing to do when you drive at night on an unknown road. The car should illuminate whets in front of you and you know that the road ahead is relatively safe for you. However, you should still try to maintain a safe distance, so if the car in front of you stops suddenly, you will not rear end it. You should also use only the low beams, so the driver in front of you won’t get blinded. Some people smoke when driving, so they won’t get sleepy during night driving. In reality, smoking doesn’t really make you much more alert and the smoke will only reduce your visibility.