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How to Properly Inspect a Used Car?


You can get good deals when you buy used cars, by making sure that the car is still reliable in in good condition. When you buy a used car, you need to carefully evaluate, so you won’t regret your decision down the road. It means that you need to have excellent technical knowledge about the car that you plan to buy. Here are things that you need to consider:

  • You need to check the exterior of the car and you need to be sure that it is perfectly smooth. There should be no sign of deep scratches and other paint damage. If the paint appears to be new, you should ask when it was painted. There is a possibility that the paint is used to hide something nasty underneath. As an example, the body of the car may start to rust. By sanding some of the rusty surface and using cheap paint, it is possible to hide the problem. So, you shouldn’t immediately trust what you see, even if the surface of the car appears to be new.
  • One good method to detect the spread of the rust is by checking the wheel well. Look for signs of rust or body filler. If the body of the car is beginning to rust, this is a quick way to determine that. You may also need to check the underside of the car, so you can find other hidden problems as well. Check the paint job for any sign of scuffs, dents and dimples.
  • If you want to check signs of major body repair, it is important for you to check any kind of inconsistency. There are small signs that you can notice. As an example, it is a bad sign if the door panels and the edges of the hood don’t line up properly with the side panels and fenders. This could be a sign that they have been removed in the past and then improper re-installed.
  • Check all the tires and make sure that they are in good condition. Bad signs may include wear on the edges or the center. You should also check for cupping and feathering. There could be an alignment problem if wheels seem to be pointed inward or outward.
  • When you open the door, you should look for signs of sun damage and tears in upholstery. Also check all the lights, including emergency lights, park lights, reverse lights, back stop lights, turnlights, bright lights and headlights. Basic car amenities, such as interior lights, gas meter, odometer, windshield wiper, heater, air conditioner and stereo should work properly.
  • Finally, you need to test drive the car to make sure that it is running properly. Make sure that the brake responds quickly and the car stops properly. If the brake squeals, there could be specific problem, such as thin brake pads. If you need to slam on the brake pedal all the way down to stop the car, it is also a sign of problem.