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How To Find A Listing Agent For A Property

How To Find A Listing Agent For A Property

The major blunder home sellers or buyers make when choosing a listing agent is that they select an agent based on just two circumstances, the highest listing price for your home and the lowest commission. At first glance, it may seem exactly what a seller needs because sellers want the highest possible price and interested in paying the lowest commission. But these two criteria have very little to do with hiring a competent agent, and in many cases, they are irrelevant.

Let’s take a look at what are the factors to find a good listing agent.

Ask For Recommendations

Going online to find a listing agent is one of the best ways to hire one. But if you prefer a more human perception, you may investigate further. Ask people you know who have recently bought or sold a home for their suggestions. It’s best to ask people who have bought or sold a home in the last six or seven months, as real estate trends change suddenly. You want to hear from someone who has been through the process recently, definitely not from a homeowner who bought ten or fifteen years ago.

If you are selling a home, ask for advice from people who also recently sold their home. If this is your first time buying a home, ask other new home buyers whom they hired. Once you have their recommendations, read all the reviews and testimonials available online of those listing agents and create a shortlist of agents.

Interview Agents

Interviewing at least three different real estate agents before deciding who is the right person for you is common advice that you will find time and time again. Much like getting multiple quotes for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, speaking with several potential listing agents will give you an idea of ​​who will be the best fit and who will work best with you to list your residential property for sale. A home listed at the right price gets the best exposure to buyers.

Do not consider an agent who falls short of the mark in terms of price. Too low or too high a number can be a warning sign that the agent is out of touch with your market or has an ulterior motive to represent you. Also, keep in mind that different real estate agents have different schedules for concluding a listing contract for your home.

How To Find A Listing Agent For A Property

Some of them may be in frantic need of income and some may be currently overburdened. Choose your four candidates carefully before asking for their time to interview them. They will also evaluate you as a candidate for work. It is best not to exceed the three possible real estate agents.

A professional listing agent should ask you how many other agents are competing for your ad. By reviewing three applicants, you significantly reduce their chances of getting your listing, and they may not want to spend the time and effort giving you the attention you need to properly evaluate them.

How Agent Will Market Your Home

Posting a few classifieds in the local newspaper, posting them on the internet, and having an open house shouldn’t be the only answer. The professional should be able to talk about the types of people who are likely to be buyers and how they will reach these specific people.

The property listings broker will also make it known that your home is on the market by using a combination of old-school marketing techniques such as direct mail, signage, open houses, and the modern methods that we know and love, like social media.

Good agents will post photos of your home on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other platform that you might like, as well as they will bring it to the attention of other listing agents who can direct buyers to the table and makes it easy for you to make a sale.

The response of Listing Agent

The most important feature of a real estate agent is its response. In the hot market, houses are selling out very fast. Sometimes being the first to make an offer means the difference between scamming your dream home or being left behind. Remember the average listing broker does all of the above things without really involving you in the process but a great listing agent does all of the above by taking you in confidence.