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8 Stunning Outdoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas

8 Stunning Outdoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Outdoor swimming pools can enhance the appeal of your house. A swimming pool is a perfect place to enjoy a bright summer day with your family and friends. Although building an outdoor swimming pool is a complicated task as you have to opt from many versatile pool designs. Everyone has their own taste in designing an outdoor swimming pool for their home.

Some prefer a small square-shaped pool, while others love to float in a lavish infinity pool. While determining which swimming pool design will enhance the appeal of your house, make sure you thoroughly evaluate the layout. You may also consult local pool builders to build your dream outdoor swimming pool. To assist you more, here are 8 stunning outdoor swimming pool design ideas.

8 Stunning Outdoor Swimming Pool Design Ideas

1. A Party & Play Pool

You don’t need a wide or deep pool often when all you want is to entertain yourself. A play pool will be the best option if you want to sit and relax, play some amazing water games, or even swim laps from time to time. A 5 feet deep play pool will offer the fun and entertainment that you are looking for. It will be a great experience to enjoy an astounding pool party with your friends in a play pool. The best thing about a play pool is that it offers a wide range of entertainment value, covering a small area in your yard, so you can have it built around your small backyard as well.

2. A Round Shape Pool

Oval and circle-shaped pools, while offering a softer shape than a geometric shape with sharp lines and corners, make a more uniform look. For the pool owner who wants something uniform and natural, these are great layouts. Depending on the materials, elements, and features used in and around the pool, the oval shape can be positioned in a more modern setting and contribute to a nature-inspired landscape.

3. A Pool That Fools

An amazing pool is one that can create an illusion before your guests that it extends to infinity. As it makes the effect appear incredibly dramatic, it looks beautiful. It is one of the best objects for an illusion design. In areas where beautiful scenery is visible from the pool, such as the peaks, rivers, seashores, or even towering cityscapes, these types of pools are the best. Even if dense vegetation or palms are present, it will display the same effect.

4. Kidney-Shaped Pool Designs

Like a long oval with an indentation on one side, a kidney-shaped pool has become a popular choice because almost any size of yard space is conducive to it. The kidney-shaped pool appears to look more natural without the crisp lines of a geometric-type pool. This type of pool also fits in as an indoor pool and its considered one of the top cheap indoor pool ideas that look cool. It also gives swimmers the natural position of a shallow end and a deep end.

5. The Figure-8 Pool

For people who want a pool to function for numerous activities, figure-8 shaped pools are perfect. For an apparent shallow area and a distinct deeper area, the figure-8 offers an obvious distinction. So, kids can enjoy activities in the shallow region with an obvious understanding of where the deeper area starts. Indentations around the sides of the pool provide natural spots for shrubbery.

6. Grecian Pool Designs

Grecian pool designs have different appeal because of their classic and royal layout. These pools start out as rectangles and then get pushed and pulled into something entirely different by mirroring the structured elements found in ancient art. When completed in a vibrant glass tile and framed with coping or decking with travertine, it can easily be mistaken as a relic from another age.

7. Freeform Pool Layouts

A freeform pool design relies on what the pool owner can think up and what can be supplied by the pool contractor. When selecting a freeform-shaped pool, the best pool builders and designers tirelessly strive to make the vision of the pool owner a reality. For both large and small backyards, this shape is perfect. The pool can be built as a spa-style pool or pond-style pool, with a smaller backyard. For big backyards, one can always think big.

8. Above-Ground Pools

With modern above-ground pools, you do not have to compromise on the look and finish. Advanced technology ensures that they do not have to be mounted above ground anymore, but partly in-ground. They cost less than other pools and can be relocated from one house to the next. They come in a variety of models, dimensions, and styles and are ideal for backyards that are narrow or small.