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What Time Does The News Come On

What Time Does the News Come On

News channels and their schedules have evolved over a great variety and period. In the US, the duration and the timings of news broadcasting have varied substantially. There used to be times when 10-15 minutes of news was broadcasted on television, whereas now the entire day is scheduled. A daily schedule of news channels includes talk shows, live news, breaking news, trending political news, panel news, live reporting, etc. For latest news of US you can visit

These shows including fox news schedule have been arranged in specific times of days and have a proper schedule. Here we will discuss a few general timings on which various programs and news are on-aired. The article highlights history also with today’s latest news channels and information about what time does the news come on.


In the late 90s, the work of expanding the length of shows started. Earlier, the news broadcasting timings were way too short. The reason may be due to living reporting only. With time, television shows discussed different news issues and current affairs. The TV shows used to be of a maximum of fifteen minutes. In 1995, the news-show duration was extended to minutes. But now we come across many shows both long and short. This element provides us with a variety of news shows to watch.

News bulletin

News channels are functioning for almost 24 hours nowadays. In earlier times, only important news talk shows were interrupted. For instance, the attack on Pearl Harbor had to be reported immediately to the general public. Therefore, the news broadcasted right at the moment of the incident. But now it is not uncommon to intervene in regular shows to present breaking news. Nowadays, an anchor is specially appointed to broadcast news bulletin so that news lead can deliver timely. Conclusively, breaking news has no fixed time.

Morning shows

As an American opens his eyes to a new day, there is plenty much of news to witness. The morning news shows usually compose of a detailed discussion on the news stories that happened the previous day. There is a greater probability that the news stories discussed in the morning shows are already known to the viewer since the breaking news or bulletin slot might have covered it earlier. Some of the most commonly watched morning shows are Today, CBS This Morning, Fox and Friends (according to fox news schedule), Morning Joe, and CNN. The program time is generally from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.

Night shows

Night shows have always been quite popular in the US. The night show, on CBS Television, was started in 1993. NBC also started its night show in 1993 which got popular in no time. The night shows are generally one-hour long with different aspects and segments involved. Late-night shows mostly start around 11:35 pm or 12:00 pm. This is the standard time slot of night shows in leading television networks.

Talk shows

The duration of talk shows is generally one hour or more. The leading television news channels like NBC News, Fox News, CNN News have many talk shows that discuss the national and international news in a detailed format. The news lead is, generally, broadcasted during any time of the day depending on its importance. The same news lead or story is then discussed in detail with different patterns involved, in the news talk shows. The general broadcast time of the news talk shows is 9:30 where the duration is from 1 – 1.5 hours.

Locally broadcasted news

The local news channels work on different patterns as compared to the national/international news channels. Since the local news channel is for a specific local area, it broadcasts the news that mostly resides within the regional boundaries, impacting the residents. Generally, the local station broadcasts news for about 5-7 hours on weekdays where it extends a few hours on weekends. Some local news channels have a fast response towards breaking-news hence their news broadcast duration is higher than the other local news channels.

Nationally broadcasted news

The prominent national news broadcasting channels are ABC News, CBS News, and NBC News. These leading news channels broadcast the news on more or less the same broadcasting patterns. The early morning news on the national news channels is aired at 4:00 am. These early morning shows comprise of crucially important news leads that are to be broadcasted on time. The second slot of morning news shows is generally started at 9:00 am. These news shows involve news patterns and segments. If there is any majorly important news that occurred on a particular day, that news will be aired throughout the day at different points of time with slot duration of 1-2 minutes.