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TOP Travel Mistakes To Avoid When Travel By Car

TOP Travel Mistakes To Avoid When Travel By Car

Traveling people often do mistakes. And if you are glad that your road trip is over, you probably did or didn’t some important things. Sometimes, these important things turn into simple rookie mistakes. It happens to all of us, but don’t let that stop you from traveling with your family. Anyway, you should read this to know how to avoid different road trip mistakes so that you will never do that on the go. And everyone feels happy!

Hyundai H100 Van 1998

Let’s pick the Right Car

This must be the biggest mistake if you pick the wrong car. Let’s think. If you take a car for rent, you have to check it before you go. Car troubles could easily ruin any road trip so that you’d better check the car tires, appearance, interior, engine oil, belts, battery. It is important to fix if you’ve found that something was wrong with the car. Of course, troubles happen. The engines can overheat, the door can be jammed, and the belt can stop working well. If you don’t want to pay extra money for repair, think of buying car insurance from the rental agency.

There is one more thing! Count the car seats. How many people do you take with you for a trip? Traveling with all the family members or in a big company of friends, you’d better stop dividing passengers and rent a large minivan or SUV. 12-seater car rental can help you to give enough room to your passengers and travel in comfort altogether. What car brand to choose? It’s up to you!


Travel mistakes to avoid

  1. Overpack your car or forget something important

Packing is always a big problem for all travelers. Having a 12-seater with a large boot you will never have problems with the luggage space. Nevertheless, your packing disaster starts at home. Even a spontaneous road trip needs planning and packing. First, try to pack the luggage of different family members in different valises with their names. It will be easier to find something. Also, try to pack food and essentials separately. You may need a charger but you don’t need your hiking boots instead. 

Traveling with kids you should think twice and even overpack at some point. You may need more food, water, and entertainment. Two hours from home you probably realized that you need even more kiddy attractions in the car. The best way to ensure that you’ve packed just the right amount of luggage for each person is making a checklist. This is the right and sure way to keep in mind all the things you can’t travel without.

  1. Travel without breaks

Sure enough, you try to drive fast to get where you are going in the fastest way. You want to reach your hotel or relax camping. You just have no time to make unnecessary stops. But traveling without taking breaks can ruin the trip mood. First of all, you badly need some rest every two-three hours of driving. Secondly, you travel by car just because this is the most comfortable way of traveling. You just can’t ignore your kids’ desire to stop and have a picnic in the park or get some rest in the nearest café. 

Plan your breaks and stops beforehand. Also, mark all the scenic areas so you can stretch your legs and enjoy the sights around.


  1. You lose your way

If you rent a car, you just can’t lose your way. You know, modern cars are equipped with all the needed gadgets such as a GPS navigator, charging ports, air conditioner. So, just use GPS navigator to control your trip. If you don’t have a clear idea of where to go and where to stop, just map out your route and stop the car whenever you like. Make sure that the GPS map is cooler than a usual paper map.

  1. Forget about emergencies

Accidents happen. If you are an experienced driver, you will never forget an emergency road kit. Just make a box and fill it with all the medical emergencies. Try to find out beforehand if anyone of your passengers takes special pills and needs any additional help on the go.

Also, don’t forget to pack much water at the back seat, a couple of flashlights, cables and chargers, light snacks, and a fire extinguisher. Traveling in the winter, add a couple of blankets, ice scrapers to your emergency kit. You may need a tent and some warm clothes. That’s cool if one of your car functions is seat heating.

Whenever you go, you need to plan your trip in the best way. Extra planning can save the situation whatever happens. Even if you do travel mistakes, always try to lighten the mood and focus on the successful road trip. 

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