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How to Relieve Work Stress by Creating An Eco-Friendly Home Office

How to Relieve Work Stress by Creating An Eco-Friendly Home Office

The importance of work-life balance is important now more than ever. Mirroring that balance is the one we have with nature. Human impact on the climate has been evident throughout Australia and, we are reminded of our importance and place in nature. Just by trying to help Mother Nature out, even by a tiny bit, makes a difference and, it can start from your worktable. As your global commitment to a greener Earth is commendable, it encompasses all aspects of your life. And one of them can manifest thru the way you do business. We are here to help you be even better with a couple of green and eco tips to make your work even more productive.

1. Commit to a Paperless Workflow

Cutting down trees is not helping anyone and, the rising need for paper is not slowing the process at all. By simply opting for the electronic version, you are not only saving money and time but the forests as well. Documents can remain in their digital form in which they can be easily shared, used and stored. Every piece of data that you don’t print out, saves you money on paper, printer and time. Also, if your desk is full of clutter from various stacks of documents, consider cleaning it up. There is a stark difference between a creative mess and disorganized chaos. Your productivity is likely suffering from the latter.

2. Let the Sun in

Natural sunlight can do wonders for your home office. For one, again you are saving money by not using electricity for lighting but are bathed in sunlight. Second, sunlight helps your body produce vitamin D, which is vital for your immune system and, we all know how that is important these days. Third, natural sunlight is linked to mental wellbeing. So, simply spreading the curtains and inviting the light in you are doing wonders for your health and productivity.

3. Clean up

When you need that one piece of paper or document and can’t find it, that can be the most frustrating thing in the world. Tripping over stuff that is just everywhere or living in filthy living conditions can take its toll on you. Yes, the modern world is fast and time-consuming and, you are not Superman. There is only so much that you can do and cleaning up the place and making it shine is low on the priority list. Getting professional help from cleaning services in Sydney can relieve you from all the stress and hustle. Allocating time to the things that matter is the end goal here and, your mental wellbeing has no price.

4. Green is in

Plants are so much more than pretty decorations. Having plants around you is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. By simply bringing in a dash of Mother Nature to your corporate table, you are already breaking the sterile monotony. Taking care of said plants is not a daunting as it may sound. Low maintenance plants are readily available and, you only need to water them from time to time. The simple act of caring for another living thing is already enough for you to notice the difference.

5. Shut down what you don’t need

It’s as simple as that. When you are done with any of the appliances, make sure to shut them down. Once you finish your work on the computer, turn it off and walk away. Being glued to it for eight hours a day is more than enough. Not to mention the eye and mental strain that comes with it. By turning it off, you are creating a barrier between you and your work and, the stress should remain there. Also, you are saving on electricity. This principle applies to every piece of electricity in your home. Don’t use the TV as background noise, as noise also elevates stress levels. Turning your central heating to just as little as 1 degree can save a lot on the energy bill and, not sweating while you are working is an added benefit. Also, to reduce heat simply change your old light bulbs with the new eco-friendly LED light bulbs.

As reducing waste and harmful products from nature can benefit everyone, so is the case with stress. Think of it as a hazardous material that accumulates and dwells inside you, poisoning and weakening you. Regular maintenance and prevention are the key factor in combating it. As we aim to reduce such harmful things in us, so we must strive the same for the world around us. And it’s great when these each of things can be removed alongside each other. By simply by focusing on our well-being, as much as the planets. Being eco-friendly is also being friendly towards yourself and, that’s all that matters.


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