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The Best and Easiest Cleaning Schedule For Working Moms

The Best and Easiest Cleaning Schedule For Working Moms

When you have kids and you´re employed, your schedule might be pretty tight, and balancing between your home and work can get exhausting. When you add to that that maternity leave in Australia only lasts 18 weeks, it is obvious that there will have to be some adjustments to your schedule in order to achieve everything and not be exhausted. With the right organization of your time and effort, you can carry out a lot more and be less tired. Let’s see some of the ways to perform this.

Make a realistic Cleaning Schedule

We hope you don’t have OCD because we advise you to have a realistic cleaning schedule, meaning you don’t have to clean the windows or floors every single day. Imagine trying to clean everything every day. You would probably be exhausted and overwhelmed at the end of the day, which would prevent you from cleaning that entire week. Allow yourself not to be perfect, but stick to a simple schedule that will make your house presentable at any moment.

Clean a Little bit Every Day

Once you’ve had a sketch of your schedule, try to break it down into smaller parts.

Every once in a while, during the day, you can see small clutters of mess, like piled up dishes or laundry that need to be picked up. Don’t wait for it to accumulate. By making this your routine, you will have less mess in the long term. This means that you don’t have to do everything on the same day, instead make it more simple. You can clean the dust and change the bedsheets on Monday, vacuum on Tuesday, clean the hallway on Wednesday, clean the bathroom on Thursday, and so on. Make a schedule according to your preferences and try to stick to it. One or two days a week you can do a little bit of everything.

Make Cleaning Enjoyable

Let’s face it. The best way to enjoy the cleaning is to have someone do it for you. Consider it a little cheat sheet you use from time to time, let’s say once a month. You can stick to your cleaning schedule every day and afford a professional once a month for a grand cleaning. This can be especially helpful if you´re a single mom or you´re a person with a disability. Many Australian cities offer services for the latter that are covered with NDIS security. For example, NDIS house cleaning in Melbourne is one of the options. Other than this, you can still do it yourself and make it fun, especially if you engage your kids (if they are not too small) and make everything as a sort of a game with a corresponding reward system that will teach them to be responsible and tidy.

Have your Family Cooperating in Cleaning

By no chance should you make this your job. Cleaning is a responsibility of the entire family, so everybody who lives in your house should participate. They should also participate in the making of the cleaning plan and it should fit into their daily routine as well. Like we mentioned, even smaller kids can be taught to do something when it comes to cleaning, for example where they can put their toys and how to remove them after playing with them, so they don’t get in the way in the living room.

Time-saving Cleaning Tools

When you have good and efficient cleaning tools, it becomes easier to fulfill your cleaning schedule. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner, quality cleaning products and you will see that long-term results are very good since it will save your time and will make your daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning plan easier to follow.

It’s not easy to be an employed mom, but we hope these tips help you find out some of the ways of achieving the balance between your business and personal life. Don’t make your plan too ambitious and stick to it too rigidly, but try to acquire a routine that will help you maintain your home from day to day, along with your family members who should engage in those activities as well. Feel free to indulge yourself from time to time if you need a professional to assist you. This way, you will never be overwhelmed and exhausted.


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