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Comparison Chart: Metal Roofing vs Slate Roof

metal roofing vs slate roofing

Having a strong roofing on your home is the sign of being protected and the safe from the weather and seasonal threats. There is a huge range of residential roofing available in the market but in context with sturdiness the competition between Metal Roofing vs Slate Roof gets high on fire amongst the roofing experts.

But how these two roofing types are different and better than each other, this is the main focus of our area of discussion. Through this discussion we will be able to know the best appropriate type of roofing in these two roofs as metal roofing vs slate roof.

Metal Roofing vs Slate Roof

Metal Roofing Slate Roofing
Metal Roofing is made of some metallic compounds such as aluminum, copper or nickel etc. This roofing can also be the mixture of two metals. The metal roofing is available in the form of metal roofing tiles or panels. The slate roofing is made of some cemented materials and hard crush stones in the form of tiles or small blocks. The refined metamorphic rocks are used in making a slate for the roofing purposes over the centuries.
Durability Durability
The durability comes in great terms of longevity of the roof. Anyhow, it is durability that makes a roofing best among its other counter parts. So, the durability of the metal roofing is expected almost 30 to 50 years, provided the material is sturdy and high in quality. Now when it comes to longevity of the slate roofing then people expect as longer durability as the slate roofing can bear. There are a number of things effect on the slate roofing. This roofing type can last for more than 70 years but if the building is looked after for well then this may endure a centenary of celebrations. Therefore, the slate roofing in terms of durability outdoes the metal roofing. Even a slate roofing can be replaced after a century.
Scenario of Era with Metal Roofing Scenario of Era with Slate Roofing
This type of roofing is counted among the best roofing types. These are in in the market since late 80’s. Current scenario of the roofing is greatly classic and contemporary. This is why, the metal roofing is popular in the market for a couple of years. Slate roofing is one of the oldest forms of roofing. People since 18th century had been using the slate roofing for both residential and commercial roofing. But the slate roofing is still in use.
Favorable Areas Fit For Metal Roofing Favorable Areas Fit For Slate Roofing
Metal roofing is currently and commonly used in the areas: Bungalow, Cottage, Lodges, Café and Ranches to give a contemporary touch. This type had been used in the Colonial areas of France such as in Canada, Cuba and Some American States. They are still used for commercial buildings and residential projects also.
Ease of Installation For Metal Roofing Ease of Installation For Slate Roofing
When the ease of installation is said, the metal roofing is medium in context with installation process. So, an average skilled worker of metal roofing installation can install the metal roofing very easily. While on the contrary; unlike the metal roofing, it is really hard for the slate roofing to install. An utmost skillful hand is required for the installation of this. This is why the slate roofing installation demands the professionally experienced workers.
Fee of the Metal Roofing Installation Fee of the Slate Roofing Installation
The average cost of the metal roof installation is $9 to $15 square meter around the States different from each other. While the installation of the slate roofing is a bit costly than that of metal roofing. The metal roof installation service charges normally $10-$18 square meter.
Repair and Maintenance Repair and Maintenance
Repairing and maintenance charges are quite affordable and easy to do. A metal panel can feasibly be replaced with a new one. Moreover, the maintaining is also a DIY activity or your can hire a professional service of metal roofing repair. The repair and maintenance are enough harder and a bit costly also. You will have to hire the professional for the slate replacement or a general maintenance. Nonetheless, it gives very rare problems in comparison between the Metal Roofing vs Slate Roof except for leaking or damaging of slate.