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Own a Boat? 4 Ways to Keep it Shipshape


There is nothing quite like getting out on the water in your very own boat, but it is important to remember that your watercraft requires quite a bit of maintenance. You are going to end up dealing with a wide variety of expensive problems if you ignore that maintenance, and no one wants to have their beautiful new boat turn into a time-consuming and expensive project.

Regularly Inspect the Propeller

When it comes to your boat’s fuel efficiency, very few variables are as important as the propeller. Even minor dings and scrapes can have a major impact on your fuel efficiency, and that damage is eventually going to overwork the engine as well. That is why you need to inspect your propeller as often as possible. If you notice any signs of damage, then you must contact a boat mechanic to have the prop repaired or replaced.

Wash and Dry It after Every Use

One of the most effective ways to protect your boat is to wash it off with clean water after every use. When you leave contaminants on the hull of your boat, the protective finish will eventually wear off. Once you are done cleaning the boat with fresh water, you need to wipe it down with a clean towel. While every item on your boat should be rust-resistant, water droplets could contain calcium and other minerals that might cause corrosion.

Have It Professionally Serviced Once a Year

You should be able to carry out some basic maintenance on your own, but you need to have a professional mechanic service your boat once or twice a year. Your mechanic will be able to check on all the fluids, test the electrical system, and inspect the boat for any signs of damage. The can also contact a marine maintenance parts supply company if any components need to be replaced.

Check the Oil Every Month

Your boat isn’t going to run properly unless you periodically change the oil. When you are regularly using your boat, you should try to check the oil at least once every few weeks. If the oil seems dirty or dark, then you need to replace it immediately. While you are checking the oil, you should also take a look at all of the other fluids in the engine.

In addition to these boat maintenance tips, keep a close eye on your boat trailer as well. Your trailer probably undergoes quite a bit of wear and tear, and you should never use it if there is any damage to the tires, frame, hitch, or lights.

Addy Reeds is a freelance writer from Eugene, Oregon. She discovered her passion for journalism while attending the University of Oregon. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook: @addyreeds1; https://www.facebook.com/addy.reeds