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Sunny Vacation: 5 Family-Friendly Beaches in Miami


The endless beaches of Miami brought the city the glory of an excellent resort in Florida. Here you can choose a place to relax according to your taste. Somewhere it’s better to sunbathe and swim with children, somewhere excellent conditions are created for young people, and there are places that celebrities often visit. But everywhere is a well- developed infrastructure, presented with showers, changing cabins, toilets and wide parking.

If you travel with children, then choosing the right beach in Miami is especially important. Therefore, here’s a list of excellent beaches with comfortable conditions, a soft sandy coast and a smooth entrance to the ocean. You can use the car to travel to the beach, as this is the most convenient way of getting around the area. Even if you are young parents, under 21 car rental in Miami will turn all your travel ideas into reality, allowing you to get to the right place quickly and easily.

Crandon Park

The shape of this beach resembles a lagoon. There’s everything that the imagination connects with a serene rest – soft sand, green trees, as well as picturesque dunes. The shore features shallow water, where swimming is completely safe. This is especially important, since on other beaches, sometimes the red or purple flags appear reporting high waves and the presence of marine predators near the coast.

Crandon Park is very suitable for families with children. For young tourists there are playgrounds and slides, while adults will appreciate the pavilions for relaxation, tennis courts and golf courses. By the way, this place is located on an island and you need to pay additionally to get there by car.

Also, you can book a room in the luxurious Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne hotel and enjoy your vacation without any additional worries.

Lummus Park

It’s most suitable for family vacations, as entertainment for parents and children are equipped there. For the latter, there’s a children’s town where your kids can always find peers and playmates. Adults and teenagers can play volleyball, rent bicycles and everything for beach sports.

The atmosphere is calm and family-friendly. White sand and turquoise water create a magnificent contrast. The beach opens, like the others, at 5 in the morning and works until midnight.

It should be noted that the rental points on the beach provide their services until 5pm – then you will have to sunbathe on the rug that you brought with you or just on the sand. The local café offers light snacks and refreshing drinks.

South Pointe

This is a nice place where the beach is actually combined with the park. There are very beautiful colors there – the usual white sand for Miami, emerald green lawns, and water of a rich turquoise color. You will see unique modern sculptures, and even a small water park.

South Pointe provides the opportunity not only sunbathe on a sunbed, but also take air baths, lying under in the shade of the palm trees. Nearby there are enough cafes and restaurants where you can buy ice cream and various drinks. This recreation area has been equipped in Miami relatively recently.

While strolling there, you can see large ocean ships and beautiful yachts. There’s a special bay where you will watch how corals grow.

Certain points of the beach offer panoramic views of the city or the ocean. A playground was equipped, a special pavilion with a conference hall was built, and a fishing spot was arranged on the shore. The park makes its biggest impression in the evening, when it’s illuminated by special light towers.

Mid Beach

You’ve found a great place to relax with children! Perhaps, here are the smallest waves compared with other beaches in Miami. In addition, there’s shallow water. If you like to swim at a depth, then you need to move away from the coast at a long distance.

The sand is white, and there are many shells that children will be happy to collect. Algae and many beautiful small fish are in the water. Palm trees grow on the shore, giving the beach a real southern flavor. Sun beds and umbrellas are present in sufficient quantities. The sun is very hot, so it’s not recommended to be there in the interval from 11am till 5pm, since you can get badly burned, despite the sun protective equipment.

Bill Baggs Cape

It’s located in the public park and belongs to the best beaches in the country. There are practically no big waves there, since they are broken on coral reefs. Therefore, children and people who don’t know how to swim can relax there without fear.

You can also go boating or fishing from the pier. Also, interesting excursions are regularly held there. In particular, it’s worth seeing the old huts, which are unique structures, where an underground organization helped the slaves hide from slave owners and move to the free islands.