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Important Dos and Don’ts to Consider While Decorating your Dull Walls

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There is nothing more saddening than looking at an empty area of the wall. But your go-to solution to an empty wall has to be none other than getting a lovely piece of canvas wall display

However, decorating your house with good art can be a little tricky procedure. This process is so daunting that it’s easy for most people to get scared off before they even begin. So before you begin to start buying great art for your wall, have a quick run down through these essential dos and don’ts that’ll save you plenty of time and effort.


  • One of the best ways to decorate your walls is by showcasing a sweet selection of your own photographs. You can use your photos in the form of canvas photo prints so that they give you that touch of quirk on your wall.
  • While decorating your walls, make sure that you hang some form of art in all your rooms. Don’t let it be the case that your living room has great artwork and your dining room has none. Every room in your house, be it the dining room, bathroom, and even the mudroom should have a beautiful portrait hanging on it.
  • For hanging pictures, most of the people make use of regular hooks. However, we suggest you use picture-hanging hooks to pin your canvas prints. The specialty of these hooks is they can take a large amount of weight (up to 100 pounds). And to balance your portrait better, you can also use two hooks per piece 
  • Most importantly, make sure you plan out your entire photo wall right in advance. You can do this by placing your canvas photo prints on the ground in front of the wall. After this, you can play around with the arrangement until you find the best set that suits your home’s ambiance.
  • For some areas, you can lean artwork against an area of the wall. This is because, at times, a lovely canvas print sitting on a console table or mantle can look more stylish than being hung on a wall. Finally, you can also layer a few pieces together to make a brilliant display.


  • Always remember that your art need not be expensive. You can also use some as economical as canvas prints online to grace the walls of your gallery. In fact, your own cherished memory printed on a canvas print will bring you more joy than an expensive abstract.
  • An important rule to keep in mind is that the center point where you hang a picture or a set of prints should always be at eye level. If you hang the artwork too high, it will surely lose its charm.
  • We recommend not to hang a small piece of art on a frame that has a large mat. Again, such artwork will take away the essence of your big wall.
  • When pinning the portraits, make sure you never hang the prints by yourself. This is because it is always better to have two people to do this job. Of the two, one can hold the portrait in place and the other can step back and analyze whether the placement is correct or not.
  • Make sure to leave enough space around your hanging portraits. Usually, about two inches (or even less) on either side and both below and above is enough space. If you hang your canvases too far from each other, they will lose their glory.
  • Lastly, make sure that you don’t hang all the small ones in one area and all the large pieces in another. The same rule is applicable for frames. We suggest you mix and match until you feel you have attained the perfect visual balance.

With these easy dos and don’ts, decorating your boring and mundane wall will not be such a difficult task. As mentioned earlier, your artwork need not be super expensive to give the desired effect. A few pieces of your memory mixed and matched with the goodness of sizes and frames is enough to give the desired effect!