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4 Professionals That Will Take You From Patent to Production


There’s nothing quite as satisfying as being an inventor and an entrepreneur. You get to use your own idea to forge a new career for yourself by sharing your invention with others. Filing for a patent is one part of this process. However, what do you do after your patent has been approved by the government? To take your invention from patent to production, you will need to work with different professionals.


It’s one thing to have an invention. It’s another to have it mass produced so it can be sold to consumers. You need to find the right manufacturing partners to bring your dream to fruition. Seek out companies that have produced large quantities of similar products. In other cases, you may have to work with multiple manufacturers. You may, for example, have to go to a different company that can create rigid flex circuit boards that are later embedded into the chassis of your device. Do substantial research to determine how all the elements of your invention can be mass produced.


You also need to determine how you will get your product into the hands of consumers. Finding the right distribution channels and distribution partners can be a challenge. Do you want your invention stocked on retail store shelves? Do you want to sell it over the internet through online stores like Amazon? Do you want to sell it via an infomercial shown on late night television? These are all things you should consider.


You also need to find partners that can help inform consumers about your new product. To do this properly, you’ll need to work with a good advertising agency. Such an agency should help you determine all aspects of how you’re invention can be marketed to maximize profit. This should include the product’s name, how its packaging is designed, who the product will be sold to, what advertising channels would produce the most impact and more.


Bringing an invention to market also requires conforming to a wide array of laws and regulations. You need to design your product in a way to avoid lawsuits from consumers. Your packaging will need to divulge the right amount of information to the buyer. You’ll need to determine how your product can be legally exported to other countries. You will also need to determine whether or not you have correctly followed intellectual property laws regarding patents, trademarks and copyrights. Overall, you’ll need to get the appropriate legal advice from attorneys with experience with bringing similar products to market.

It’s one thing to have a great idea for an invention. It’s another thing to be able to transform that invention into a successful product that can provide you with a healthy profit. However, if you do the appropriate research and develop the right business relationships, making your invention into a lucrative career is certainly a possibility.


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