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4 HR Conversations That Shouldn’t Cost You a Promotion


There are plenty of conversations, exchanges and situations that employers may be far from enthusiastic about. Being denied a promotion or having to deal with the other consequences for your actions could be a violation of the law. Knowing more about the laws designed to protect workers ensures that you will be able to look after your rights as an employee in the event that you have to speak up regarding a safety issue or instances of discrimination within the workplace.

Sexual Harassment

Despite making huge strides to combat sexual harassment in recent years, it remains a problem that workers are all too likely to encounter. There are numerous laws that ensure employers are unable to retaliate against those who report harassment. Being passed over for a promotion could be grounds to take legal action.

Reporting Discrimination

Discrimination based on gender, race or religion is another problems that workers may need to report. There are numerous federal laws that outlaw hiring and firing practices, unfair pay scales as well as promotion and advancement. Workers whose concerns regarding discriminatory practices have been ignored by their employer may need to report the problem to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

On-site Accidents, Injuries and Compensation

An on-site workplace injury can become a real nightmare for employers, especially those that may be lax in their responsibility to provide a safe and secure working environment. Dealing with an antagonistic employer after filing for a workers compensation may be cause to seek out personal injury attorney services. Being denied opportunities for advancement or facing other retaliatory measures that stem from a compensation claim is illegal under federal law.

Protection for Whistle-blowers

Speaking up to report actions and activities that may violating the law or that could result in a safety risk for workers, staff and associates can often be a harrowing experience. Knowing more about the rights and protections you are afforded by the law can help to ensure that you are able to make wiser decisions. Taking action to protect yourself after filing a claim or reporting an issue is not a matter to be taken lightly.

Learning More About Your Rights

There are numerous instances of workplace discrimination, harassment or safety violation that may give you cause to speak up. Learning more about the laws covered by the EEOC or how to take action in order to file a lawsuit or compensation claim can be an issue of tremendous importance. Seeking out educational resources or even speaking with a lawyer can provide you with a more complete understanding of your rights and how they pertain to your situation.


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